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Welcome to Whitby - vacation town for many a famous novelist, poet, artist, politician … and more than a few pirates, too! On a coast littered with smugglers’ alcoves and daily shipwrecks, there is no shortage of mayhem in this well-known seaside town.
As one of the earlier trainlines in England, the Scarborough and Whitby Railway brings many an outsider in.
It is 1894. Rumor has spread far and wide about bars of solid gold and other riches washing ashore. Was it a shipment for Her Majesty? Smugglers from beyond? What the residents, travelers, and sailors alike know is this: whatever is found is theirs for the taking.Whether our narrators be average townspersons, hard-on-their-luck hopefuls, adventure seekers, or travelers just passing on through, there is a place to tell their stories here. 

Join us, take a look at our [character creation guide], and take a look at our current [plotting opportunities].

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