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Character Creation

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Welcome! This board is open to players who are 18+. If you are under 18, please come back when you are over 18.

We have an open, in-profile character application process. As long as it makes sense for a real-world location, follows the rules, and isn’t game-breaking, you can probably play it here. We are a real-world historic roleplay, so that does mean tangible supernatural or magical beings are not what this site caters to.

Our features include...
  • Unlimited characters
  • No activity checks
  • A general default trust in your sensibilities
  • An open approach to face claims, including drawn, aesthetic, and no face claims required

To get started, register an OOC account. This will be the account that you attach your characters to, which can then be switched between within posting areas.

For each character you would like to post with, create a new account. Click your account name up top to access your control panel. At the bottom of the functions list is the Account Switcher: click that, and add your new account to the OOC account. Presto! Your entourage grows.

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