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[CW] Withering Flower
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Pronouns: She, her
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Pippa took care with the woman holding the infants, offering to take one of the two so the poor dear could be comfortable. The nursemaid was seated and made comfortable. The men who were with Sonia helped then, one still keeping watch just in case someone from the Meijer family showed up.

The other man muttered, "She is so poorly, I couldn't bear ta look at her and not help." He had been her body guard back at the brothel, so Tris may or may not recognize him as a face from the Diamond Pony. Then when afforded the opportunity, the man gingerly and with all the care in the world, lifted his mistress into his arms against his chest. It wasn't hard to do, for she was becoming lighter over the weeks. And she was burning hot with fever.

Sonia rolled her head to the side, issuing a tired sigh between lips cracked from dehydration. She looked as though she would die any day if intervention didn't happen. "Doc Witaker wasn't home, so we came here instead. I don't know how long she has left but I don't think she is gonna make it if ye don't help her. The doctor that her husband has is a crack pot if he thinks she needs the barbaric treatments he's been talkin' bout givin' her. I had ta get her out of there before she died. I don't even think her husband knows just how sick she is."

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