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Danby would have to wait, it seemed…

Tristan had wondered what had become of Mrs. Carrington – no, Mrs. Meijer she was now. It had been a very difficult birth. He had never been called upon to assist another doctor with a birth before. Such things were hardly ever necessary. When all was done and it seemed Mrs…. Meijer was going to live, at least for now, Tristan had left her in the care of dr. Witaker. But he hadn’t been at ease, neither with her health, nor with what he had learned: that she had married Mr. Meijer that very evening. But she hadn’t been dr. Witaker’s patient, and the worries of his own life had kept him busy. And then there was Mr. Meijer to get past. Though Tristan had wondered occasionally, he hadn’t checked in.

Did they fuck?

Focus now.

“Of course,” he replied. “Through here, up the stairs, first door to the left, there’s a drawing room. Let me get my things.” And he turned to grab the bag he had prepared for his visit to Danby, which was sitting on a little table by the stairs. “Pippa!” he called down the hall. “There’s a lady coming through to the drawing room with infants. See to it that she has everything she needs!”

Then he followed the man out. He was a little uncomfortable with the idea of getting into a cab with a married woman. It seemed inappropriate and people talked. But if Mrs. Meijer was unable to get out of it on her own, she had to be doing really poorly indeed.

And she was, by the look of her, when the carriage door opened. Tristan slipped in, sat down and placed his bag on the seat beside him. “Mrs. Meijer,” he said, gauging her reaction, “can you hear me?” he took her wrist and placed his index and middle finger over the artery to feel her pulse. He placed his other hand on her forehead to check for a fever.

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