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[CW] Withering Flower
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Pronouns: She, her
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<CW, A lot of stuff to cringe about.>

"It's the Mistress o' the Diamond Pony, doctor. She ain't doin' too good. Her babes are wit' her in the cab an' som' to watch em for us iffin they could come in too please? I'll carry'er in iffin ye get the door, but ye might be better lookin' at 'er in the cab first. She's mighty sick." He rushed all these words out before gesturing frantically for the good doctor to follow. It seemed that the man had plenty of worry for the situation that he wanted to make sure everything that needed to be alerted about had been so for the moment. He hurriedly helped the woman who was seeing to the lads get out and helped hand the children to her, one basket at a time to make sure there was room for Tristan to enter. The young miss made sure to cover the babies with blankets against any chill there might have been in the air, waiting for direction as to what she was supposed to do. This was the mute girl from the bar area of the Pony.

By the time Tristan would be there, the only people allowed in the cab was the doctor. It'd been way too tight a squeeze so he'd had to hold his employer close to him, curled in his lap just to get them all there safely without someone noticing them all. How he'd disentangled himself, he didn't know. He stood with his back to one of the doors to guard it, the other side being guarded by the driver who was armed in case trouble happened by. Sonia was not particularly liked by society because of what she was. And now with her married, some would assume that she wanted money from another rich man, and it just wasn't true.

She was so very tired, her heart beating like the drums in a symphonic masterpiece. She was so very lightheaded. The harsh reality is that she'd been trapped in two unwanted marriages, and both men... well, the one was an obvious villain in the saga that began to play out in Whitby. Skeletons were starting to come out of Carrington closets and she had just played her part in tipping the balance toward the downfall of prominent folks. She might not have had much of a choice in the end, but her children would be safe and she would find a way for someone else to take them away if she could only disentangle herself from Zecheriah somehow.

But the truth of the matter was that she was just so very tired and didn't want to be a part of this whole thing anymore. All she had wanted to do for her life was to get enough money to find out who her parents were, who she was. She didn't want to be Sonia anymore, stuck on her back for the rest of her life because she didn't have her real identity. She hated that she had turned to this life to get by.

She wanted to say goodbye to Darius. She felt like she was dying. She hoped not, she hoped maybe she could tell him why she loved him but wouldn't force her affections, she knew how it felt from his brother. The only reason she'd yearned for Darius so hard is because he was the only man who had ever just not blinked when she lay nude before him and he never once touched her sexually. He had never made her feel like a whore. He'd only ever seen her as his muse.

Upon entering the carriage, the scene would be of her now draped over the seat on the side opposite of where one would be allowed to enter. She was quite pale, her hair unusually dull. Her breath was shallow, she looked parched and weak. She had the look of someone who hadn't been able to eat much in some time. She had her eyes open but they weren't really looking at anything in particular. One could tell she was in deep thought at the moment and one could also very easily discern she was quite ill.

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