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Here you will find a list of players that have been active in the past two months, and their characters with some basic info. Click on the names for the profile. To add a character or request changes, post below using the following code:
[*][b][url=link to profile]Last name, first name[/url]:[/b] Age, Occupation - [i]One line (max 15 words) of description.[/i]
Players that have not posted IC for three months will be removed from this list, so that guests and newbies have an idea of activity and who is available to roleplay with. No worries, I can restore your listing once you're back from hiatus.

768 Posts
58 Threads
Registered: Jun 2019

  • Blacke, John: 25, Soldier - Returned home after 5 years due to injury by the army.

  • Cooper, Tim: 25, Romany Traveller/Chimney Sweep - recently arrived in Whitby and setting up camp.

  • Griffin, Sam: 27, Footballer - living every boys dream playing for his town and country.

  • Harwell, Mark: 32, Harbour Master/Lifeboat Skipper - the quiet professional.

  • Maclellan, Alasdair: 38, Constabulary Sargeant - Newly Transferred & Promoted, Bringing Change to the Constabulary.

  • Maclellan, Jamie: 23, Constabulary Dog Hander - Recently transferred with Cousin, about to become a father.

  • Munro, Chester: 52, Inspector - Cold hearted inspector who isn’t in Whitby yet but will soon.

  • Russell, Edward: 25, Sailmaker - trying to make it in the world one day at a time

  • Appleton, Alice: 17, Farmer’s wife - Miserably married young mother trying to make everyone around her equally miserable.

  • Appleton, Tobias: 31, Farmer - Likes a quiet life, but keeps bringing more kids into the home.

  • Blacke, William: 48, Railway Fireman - Disappointed father desperate to hide his own childhood mistakes.

  • Carrington, Anne: 47, Too rich to work - Always the victim. And it’s your fault.

  • Carrington, Robert: 20, Law student/Temporary railway porter- Entitled brat whose little ‘prank’ getting a working chap fired… backfired.

  • Ennington, Catherine: 18, Debutante - Only life goal: marry a man with an aristocratic title.

  • Longbottom, James: 9, Street urchin - Wanders the streets armed with slingshot, playing truant and committing petty crimes.

  • Longbottom, Ruth: 18, Unemployed/Prostitute/Leech - Evicted single mother of two with no sense of responsibility.

  • McLeod, Angus: 26, Loafer - Living off of his father’s guilt; abandoned six wives; wants the last one back.

  • Richards, Gabriel: 33, Roman Catholic Priest - Miserable priest in an existential crisis, trying not to wank.

  • Ward, Anne: 15, Fisher lass - Sweetheart in a brutal world, trying to save her sister out of a miserable marriage.

  • Ward, Ben: 51, Fisherman - Self-righteous, teetotalling convert with control issues and a temper, whose authority is starting to wane.

  • Ward, Bram: 9, Fisher lad/Schoolboy - Class clown and occasional bully; gets in trouble a lot.

  • Wells, Tristan: 31, Doctor/Alienist - Anonymously writing on sexual diversity; hiding his maid from an alleged murderer; feeling lonely.

  • Willaby, Rose: 19, Baker’s wife - Can’t bake; marriage isn’t all it seemed; still no bun in the oven.


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