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Well as I've only got a plotter up for one character I feel its partly time I put up a proper plotter!

Quote:So here we have contestant number one! He's rugged! He's good looking! Its our one and only Sargeant Alasdair Maclellan, the Constabulary sargeant. 

Hes pritty easy going. Hes a strong leader but cares more about those in his charge than those above. He looks out for his team and will protect them at any cost

Enemy's.......hes the Constabulary Sargeant so obviously he will have enemies. Alot of criminals will be trying to bribe him or hide from him

Friends: pritty much open to anyone obeying the law including his colleagues 

Love: he is married and this has been kept open if anyone wants to take on that role

Quote:and here we contestant number 2: he hails from Strathclyde but has moved to whitby. Hes another Constabulary constable but this time with a difference. Hes a definite animal lover as he is the Constabulary dog handler! Its Constable Jamie Maclellan, cousin to alasdair.

Enemy's: not really something that would appear but it may be someone who hates government bodies. His role sees him more support than frontline. 

Friends: same again anyone law obeying but other options are available.

Lovers: sorry ladies, this man is already spoken for and is in love with beautiful, with a potential child on the way!

Quote:and behind door number 3! For 50 points, name something higher than a Constabulary Sargeant.......we asked 100 people....they said Inspector......we said....Inspector Chester Munro.

Enemies: really? Hes coming to investigate murders, assaults......missing pushbike....he isn't gonna be a liked man?

Friends: he might not have many....maybe not even have many in his own Constabulary but we will see

Lovers: a face only a mother could love.....but you never know?

Quote:and no he didn't sail up the river on a banana boat. Its our 4th contestant. He is our Harbour master and our Lifeboat Skipper. Its Mark Harwell

Enemies: probably more business than personal. Hes the harbour master so is incharge of collecting import taxes for the crown. 

Friends: one does rub shoulders with the middle class occasionally when he isn't working. Maybe a drink, a cigar and a game of cards?

Lovers: who knows about this one

Quote:and our 5th contestant! Sometimes only here occasionally depending on work but when there is work he will graft! Its our Romany Tim Cooper

Enemies: probably the hardest one. Most people hate the romany people! Pushed off lands. Targeted by the Constabulary and other acts of violence. Also other families may attack aswell

Friends:Mostly his own kin and those that he works with

Lovers: This box has already been ticked and all will be revealed soon enough!

Quote:And last but not least is Soldier, John Blacke, John loves long romantic walks in the park........usually equipped with a martini-henry rifle and watching for rebels!

Enemies: Anyone whos against the family, can also be some resentment because he was overseas and come back home. 

Friends & Lovers: Open minded with this one, what comes to the table?

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