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[Open] Mired in Meijers

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The Meijer family earned their last name on account of Zechariah’s father. A mayor in Bohemia (today known as the Czech Republic), the patriarch of the family had high ambitions for his sons and stern expectations of his daughters.

Raised traditionally Conservative Jewish, most Meijers probably feel uncomfortable if they skip Shabbat – but beyond that, their level of observance is open. They had an English nanny, and so all speak comfortable English (perhaps even more so than their native Yiddish or Czech).

Currently, Zechariah has 2 older sisters, 1 elder brother (with the brother being 3rd born), 1 younger sister (born after him, the 4th born), and 3 younger brothers.

Face claims are suggestions rather than set in stone – it is also possible there may be some bastards, known or unknown (of any race).

If any of these characters catch your interest, hit me up! I respond to posts and inquiries within this thread, through board PMs, Discord DMs, and also @s in the Discord #characters channel.

Penina Meijer
[Image: avatar_7.jpg?dateline=1562147998]
34. Taken by Dropbear and listed for chronological reference.

Ruth Meijer
[Image: qMaKwHR.png]
31. Ruth is the secondborn sister, and her mother’s favorite. At her age she has most likely married and had children, though alternatively she might be widowed. Ruth herself has a lot of free time and vacations frequently to visit her siblings and extended family. Her relationship with their father is likely cordial, but strained, given how much control he had over all her major life decisions (what hobbies to partake in, who to marry, etc.). Boisterous and extroverted, Ruth would be known to German circles as a singer, harp player, or for some other musical aptitude that puts her up front.
Possible Faceclaim Pictured: Grete Forst

Chaim Meijer
[Image: yoNKB4c.png]
30. Being the firstborn son, he has had a lot of expectations to carry. No matter the reality, Chaim has (at least up until now) always managed to appear as though he has it together. Quietly idolized by Zechariah. Went to a Bohemian academy, possibly furthering education in Germany. May or may not be married.
Possible Faceclaim Pictured: Adam Brody

Noah Meijer
[Image: 1ghfGzv.png]
28. Less ambitious than Zechariah and less suave than Chaim, Noah has that middle brother frustration of always being compared to the others. In comparison to him, Zechariah is presented as a goal to be striven for. Has Noah come to town to even the score? Bury the hatchet? Start anew only to disastrously realize half the rest of his family has already moved or vacationed there?
Possible Faceclaim Pictured: George Gerschwin

Menachem Meijer
[Image: ppFc1Id.png]
24. Taken by GreatTallywhacker and listed for chronological reference.

Nesah Meijer
[Image: 5mhJu7e.png]
23. Zechariah’s younger sister. He balked at the loss of attention with her birth. Whenever their father bemoans his sons falling short of his expectations, their mother is fond of saying “they take after you” whether it is true or not. Nesah has also occasionally weathered this ‘compliment’. She and Zechariah learned piano together, and he writes her frequently. The pressure for her to marry and settle down is there, but Nesah might have other plans – plans she may or may not have roped one of her siblings in Whitby into.
Taken by Jack.
Possible Faceclaim Pictured: Alla Nazimova

Uriel Meijer
[Image: oq8O5KI.png]
22. Taken by Kimmie and listed for chronological reference.

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