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[Complete] [CW] A ball at the Ennington Manor
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She smiled up at the man she would soon wed, and her eyes twinkled a little as she blushed prettily at his compliment. She was harboring a secret and she hoped that she could tell him that night, but in the privacy of the garden or something. Claire opened her mouth to speak and then found herself interrupted by the announcement. The first reaction she had when Miss Catherine Emmington was escorted down the stairs by her father was how silly she thought the girl was, for her waist was too small in Claire's mind. Concern for her well being would be in the back of her mind until the young woman and her father approached.

Then she saw the way in which the chit was looking at Quentin and a slight bit of annoyance niggled at the back of her neck. Pasting a sweet smile onto her face, she said, "And yours as well." Her creole accent was drawn out slightly more than normal as the Southern Charm mode was activated. She wasn't threatened by the mousy looking girl, she knew that Quentin would not discard her for another. Therefor she saw no reason to be unkind to the girl, as annoying as it was.

Then she shifted her eyes to her mate and a genuine look of adoration crossed her features, and a soft, secretive smile seemed to play on her lips. "What a lovely home you have," she said then as she glanced toward father and daughter.
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Jane and her parents had come in very early to get Jane settled in a far corner so she could see Catherine and the others enter.  Her maid was dressed formally in a sharp black dress and crisp white edges at the wrist and collar.  Jane however was wearing a lovely light blue dress of silk.  The skirts were narrow, to avoid the wheels catching in the skirt, and without lace or ruffles.  Her matching silk slippers peeked there at the footrest.  The top of the dress had lace just above the elbow where she wore white gloves up past the elbows.  The neckline was curved down from her shoulders with a matching blue ruffle with soft blue lace going up her neck to button at the back of her neck with several small buttons.  Her hair had been done up with decorative small combs and she wore a set of drop pearl earrings.

Jane's mother stayed with her also looking lovely.  Her dress was of a deep emerald but of a matron type style.  Top of the fashion, of course, but not as bright and showy as the younger ladies would be wearing.  Mr. Ripley was of course in a black tux and looked quite dashing.  Jane was quite nervous but was enjoying watching as everyone entered.  It was like a garden of flowers inside the ballroom.  Her parents stood on either side of her with her maid behind the chair ready to move it as needed.

"Jane, I see a friend of mine over there that I would like to speak to.  Do you mind if I leave you with your mother for now?"  Mr. Ripley's asked.  He knew that this was Jane's first real society outing and wanted to make sure she was not overwhelmed.  He had been against her coming to it.  Though now, seeing her there, and seemed to be doing okay, he was more relaxed about it.

"Oh, yes, Papa, go ahead.  I will be fine with Mama."  She nodded.  Her father squeezed her hand and gave his wife a nod before heading across the room.

Jane continued to observe the entries as people were announced.  Then with a smile, she heard Catherine's father announcing her.  Catherine looked lovely.  Jane was so happy for her and glad that she had come to see this.

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