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Life of Dancing or Dancing for Life
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Pronouns: she/her
Age: 35
Occupation: Ballerina
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=507
Height: 5'2”
Registered: Aug 2021

Dmitriev , Raisa Zoya
it's the look of a killer, a madman, ye better watch him/her closely
HAIR COLO(U)R: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 5'2”
BUILD: Tiny but also very toned
AGE: 35
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her face and body is like a fairy might be expected. She has slender delicate face, arms, and hands.
TYPICAL DRESS STYLE: Light materials that flow with her motion even when not on the stage.
the human mind is amazing in it's natural evil, this one's no exception

SKILLS: Dancing, reading, embroidery, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Latin, and of course Russian
LIKES: Music, all kinds of dancing, the arts, new clothing, soft colors
DISLIKES: Dust, heavy clothing, having to be still
ASPIRATIONS: Owning a dancing school and teaching many people to dance
FEARS: Breaking a bone or being injured
HOBBIES: embroidery and reading and folk dancing
SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: Her first set of ballet slippers
PLAYBY: Irina Dvorovenko
history's our only way of knowing what a man/woman might do again
PARENTS: Inessa and Maxim
SIBLINGS: Brothers – Kirill (40), Boris ( 37), Sister – Olga (30)
EDUCATION: Taught by professional tutors as she studied ballet since age 5.

Inessa and Maxim were each well known ballet performers on their own, but when they became a couple they were beyond amazing. They had been the star of the Russian ballet company for several years and then married. They continued with the company with Maxim dancing after Inessa got pregnant with her first child. Inessa continued afterwards as a teacher of ballet as more children came along. Eventually, the couple both worked with management and teaching watching all four of their children become amazing dancers as well.
Raisa like her siblings began dancing almost before they walked. Formal training began at age 5. She became the lead by age 16, and like her mother before her, was a star that people came to see. They did many tours around the world, but Raisa found she wanted to rest and settle down somewhere. She had helped her mother in some classes, and enjoyed the work.
By age 34, she knew her time was coming to an end, and so started looking for a place to call home and to start a school. She loved Russia, but she had found the times they have gone to England had been more relaxing and a more temperate climate. She was so tired of always being cold. The company had a tour that went through a town called Whitby, and once there, Raisa decided it was the place.

nothing gets the word around like a poorly written newspaper
KNOWN FACTS: Raisa is a dancer that every show sells out even in the stand only tickets
TABLOID NEWS: Raisa is being courted by some of the most top noblemen, and is said to have an affair with one of the top French noblemen
GOVERNMENT FILE: Raisa’s parents were known to assist with communication between spies and assisting with the traveling of spies from one country to another

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