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Age: 19
Occupation: Trading, taking apart things, and pickpocket
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=454
Height: 5'1"
Registered: Apr 2021

Charmed to Make your Acquaintance
Full Name: Natalia Walter
Nicknames: Nat
Gender: female
Date of Birth: Nov. 3
Age: 19
Expertise: Trading, taking apart things, and pickpocket
And Look at You
Height: 5 foot 1 inch
Weight: 98
Body type: tiny but strong
Skin type: fair
Hair colour brown
Eye colour: green
Distinguishing features: She has a scar just behind her ear where she hit a sharp corner in a fight
General Appearance: She keeps her hair short and doesn't comb it often. She generally has is covered in dirt. There is always dirt under her fingernails if they are not too short to have dirt there. She wears loose boys pants with a loose shirt under a thick jacket or a big over sized well worn leather jacket. Under all of that is of course a very tight band under it all across her chest so no hint of her most obvious give away can be noticed. She wears boots.
Portrayed by: Maisie Williams
Such a Delightful Person
Likes: finding new items to take it apart just to see how it works
Dislikes: being expected to talk ... mainly because there are more chances of getting caught being a girl with more talking going on
Ambitions: earning enough to be able to have a place of her own to live in and to be her self as a girl and not hide who she is
Fears: being found out as a girl and being forced to be a prostitute

Personality: Nat is quiet and observant. She learns quickly and works hard at whatever task she accepts. She is uncomfortable around other females. She is most at ease around guys, but even them she is not one to get too close physically.

Natalie "Nat" Walton

0 : Nat was born to Hannah and Reggie Walton. Reggie owned a small pawning shop with his wife in a very rough area of London. When they realize Hannah was due to have the baby soon, they set up a small room above the shop, where they lived, for her nursery. They had a baby girl. Things were going well for them.
5 : Nat starts helping in the shop by organizing the items that are brought to be pawned. Nat might have been seen wandering around in the shop when people looked inside or visited them, but she was shy of people and stay away from them. This did not bother Reggie and Hannah as the area was not a great place for kids to run around. As she gets older, she works more and more on the paperwork on the ledger and the receipts holding the items brought in so if people came back to buy them back.
10 : She is allowed to sell their goods at the front desk when the time is out for things that were brought in. She continues to work listening and learning how to make trades and get supplies.
14 A few thieves comes into the shop at night and Nat’s father, Reggie, hears a sound. He goes down and is killed trying to stop the thieves, though he kills one himself as well. Nat and her mother come down the stairs to see what is going on, but are seen. Nat tries to protect her mother, when the thieves try to pull Hannah down to have their way with her. Nat hits her head badly on the stairs and appears to be dead with so much blood. She was able to come aware off and on, but could only watch as they did horrible things to her mother down below. Hannah fought back, but was also killed to not leave her there to identify them. Nat passed out again. A few days later, she woke up finding herself with a nearby shop owner’s family’s home. It took her a while to mend enough to go look at the shop. It was completely empty by the thieves, well of everything of worth. Nat couldn’t make the rent of the shop, nor would she be able to earn enough there to rent the apartment at the top. She had to make a plan.
She was traumatized by what she had seen happening to her mother. She did not want to be used in that way, and without work, she knew what some women in their area worked to make their way. The shops did not need her skills or had their own family run it and didn’t need more mouths. She didn’t know if she could walk past her own family shop each day without feeling that pain of the loss and the images that would come back to her of that night. She decided to head to a new place.
15: She headed out but decided that dressing up as a boy was safer for her. She packed up her father’s clothing and does some sewing to make them fit her enough to be loose but not too odd looking. She is a quick learner and with observing men and boys, she gets better at it and after a year, no one looks at the “young boy” that travels through their areas. Nat travels staying only a few weeks in each place. She begs some and any small jobs someone will give the “boy”. Then hunger gets to her, and she begins to learn from some the boy groups she meets along the way to pickpocket. Again, as a quick study, she gets quite good at it.
17: Nat ends up in Whitby. She finds a shack out near the beach and makes it her home. She was tired of traveling and the town seemed to be a good place to figure out what her future would be.
19 :

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