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Face Claims

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Here at By Wit and Whitby we do not have compulsory face claims for characters. You are welcome to use mood boards, drawings and anything else your heart desires - as long as you have permission from the artist. Please keep images safe for work.
If you choose to use a public figure to illustrate your character (face-by, play-be, etc.) please fill in the following code and post it in this thread, so that it can be added to the list below. 
These claims are not restricting anyone else from using that person - we just ask that if you see a FB below you wish to use, nicely talk about it with the owner of the character in which it is already being used before using them.
[align=center][size=small][font=Comic Sans MS]Faceclaim's Lastname, Firstname - [url=member profile here]Character's Firstname Lastname[/url][/font][/size][/align]

~ Text by the wonderful Dropbear, reposted after Jack botched the thread

687 Posts
35 Threads
Registered: Jun 2019

List of Characters

Arngrim, Alison - Rosalind Rockwell
Arnold, Luke - Menachem Meijer
Atkinson, Rowan - George Kemble
Barnes, Ben - Joseph Blacke
Metcalf, Ami - Anne Ward
Blagden, George - Jacob Feldmann
Boyle, Zoe - Kitty Calamity
Brody, Adrien - Elijah Crane
Bruhl, Daniel - Tobias Appleton
Butler, Gerard - Viktre Lanetio
Casella, Max - Edward Seymour
Chase, Bailey - Lorn Vaughn
Claflin, Samuel - Christopher Hurley
Coleman, Jenna - Pearl Carrington
Cooke, Olivia - Karen Calloway
Craig, Daniel - Ayyen Dumac
Dewan, Jenna - Amelia Mason
Dobrev, Nina - Vela Rosewine
Durukan, Mustafa - Aslan Koç
Dvorovenko, Irina - Raisa Dmitriev
Elkabitz, Ronit - Anita Longbottom
Elwes, Cary - Wesley Roberts
Evans, Luke - Edward Cavendish
Fanning, Ella - Alexandra McPadraic
Gatignol, Gregory - Harry Hardcastle
Harrington, Kit - Andrew Willaby
Hathaway, Anne - Ruth Blacke
Hennum, Morgan - Molly Valentine
Holloway, Josh - Douglas Gordon
Hoskins, Bob - Thomas Shelley
Hvorostovsky, Dmitri - Federico de Luna
Jackman, Hugh - Thorne Culpepper
Kaya, Hazal - Nisa Koç
Kebbel, Arielle - Jane Ripley
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang - Uriel Meijer
Kurkova, Ravshana - Olivia Carrington
Legge, Michael - Noah Longbottom
Leslie, Rose - Maggie Colley
Micucci, Kate - Madeline Gale
Miller, Ezra - Claude Longbottom
Moore, Patrick - Phineas P Morgan
Paquin, Anna - Philippa Danes
Pesche, Madelaine - Claire Devereaux
Poots, Imogen - Temperance Forsyth
Pulver, Lara - Anne Carrington
Qualls, DJ - Francis Tully
Redmayne, Eddie - Pony McBride
Robards, Jason - Donald S. Witaker
Scanlen, Eliza - Alice Ward
Swayze, Patrick – Bruce Charmichael
Tate, Sharon - Frances Cockburn
Turner, Aidan - Darius Carrington
Turner, Sophie - Iris Carpenter
Upton, Kate - Penelope Curtis
Valo, Ville - Benny Green
Webber, Andrew Lloyd - Magnus Carrington III
Wilde, Gabrielle - Esther Hawkes
Williams, Maisie - Nat Walker 
Williams, Paul - Gus Anderson
Wishaw, Ben - Gabriel Richards
Young, Josh - Zechariah Meijer

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