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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~ T. Merton
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Pronouns: Him/He
Age: 34
Occupation: Artist
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=369
Height: 6'5"
Registered: Sep 2020

it's the look of a killer, a madman, ye better watch him/her closely

EYE COLO(U)R: blue
HAIR COLO(U)R: dark blonde
HEIGHT: 6'5”
BUILD: Muscular and brawny
AGE: 34
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Douglas has blue eyes and dark blond hair that tends to be short but shaggy. He is about six foot five inches tall and 195 pounds. He is muscular and brawny.
TYPICAL DRESS STYLE: He generally wears what is expected of a gentleman but it usually has paint somewhere on it when he is not out about. He doesn’t really care what is in style. He wears what is comfortable to him.
OTHER NOTES: Sarcastic and somewhat dark to those that don’t know him and tends to keep others at arm’s length. To those that get close, if he lets that happen, he is actually quite sentimental about places and things from the past.
the human mind is amazing in its natural evil, this one's no exception
LIKES: Sculpting, painting, and drawing, and being quite intense about finishing a job once he starts it. Douglas likes being outdoors and the joy of creating the image of what he sees in some medium so that others can share it.
DISLIKES: He is quite uncomfortable with closed-in spaces, snakes, and he is allergic to shellfish. He despises most forms of “modern art” and considers cameras to be sacrilege to true art.
ASPIRATIONS: To be able to live a quiet life without harming others nor having others harm him. Creating something that will truly show the beauty within. He has achieved this a few times but always strives to do it again each time he begins a project.
FEARS: Losing his eyes.
HOBBIES: He creates works on canvas and three dimensional. To see a work by Gordon is to see something amazing.

PLAYBY: Josh Holloway
history's our only way of knowing what a man/woman might do again
PARENTS: Meagan and Dugal Gordon
EDUCATION: Private Tutors
Douglas was born in the highlands of Scotland. The times were hard for those of the highlands that still followed the old ways. Douglas’s parents, Meagan and Dugal Gordon were among those that strove to adapt. His mother and his father were of the peerage but neither family had followed the Jacobite cause, so had survived better than those that had.

Douglas was a bright boy with a cheerful temperament. He drew from the time he was given his first slate and chalk for school. He struggled with most subjects but his skill in rendering the tiniest details of a flower, a girl’s braid, or a small insect drew the attention of those with the money to sponsor his becoming an apprentice under one of the artists known in the region. He became even more skilled and was moved to the city to study under an even more renowned artist.

Even within his artistic studies, Douglas’s first twenty years were filled with war. When he reached the age of 24, he was recruited to help depict scenes from the front line for the papers using his artistic talents. It was his works that gave the brave, dead, and dying a face for those that read the papers. In truth, his drawings depicted the pain and horror of the front lines.

Though he began to hate his talents as much as he hated the things he had to witness, he continued. At the age of 26, it became to much and he collapsed. His health had been failing for a year and his superiors sent him home to recuperate for as long as needed.

Douglas spent much of the first six months sitting on the highest cliff he could find letting the clean highland air cleanse the darkness and painful suffering he had witnessed from his soul. He didn’t pick up a charcoal or paintbrush for the entire time. His parents feared that what he had seen in the war had killed the part of him that he cherished most. It took a year of walking the highlands with his favorite dog, Dodger before his relieved parents found that he had gathered some clay and begun sculpting faces of the local children. It wasn’t painting, but he was at least tapping into that part of him that brought him such joy once again.

In the fall of his 29th year, his father and he went out hunting to stock up the food stores for the coming winter. Turning to attack, he watched his father’s death by a boar. In a rage, he went after the boar with the butt end of his gun. He did mortally wound the beast with his hunting knife during the battle. He carried his father’s body home with great sorrow and dedicated his resources to caring for his mother.

He lived out the rest of his mother’s life there in the highlands, painting portraits and sculpting statues from clay and rock for their livelihood. At her death, when he was 33, he mourned deeply, visiting often her grave and that of his father’s there beside her. He sold their home and furnishings taking only his art supplies and a case of clothing to wander the world and working to capture its beauty even when the rest of humanity seemed to focus on the work of death and destruction.
nothing gets the word around like a poorly written newspaper
KNOWN FACTS: Douglas is now greatly in demand in Scotland for portraits. His paintings and statures bring great prices and are shown off in various high society homes, not just in Scotland but now in England and the Americas.
TABLOID NEWS: Douglas inherited a mental illness along with his artistic prowess. He tends to be a recluse to keep it from being found out.
GOVERNMENT FILE: Douglas gives much of his profits to programs that help veterans and soldiers that have nowhere to go.

on file created by mousie of rpg-underground


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