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We try to keep it simple here at By Wit & Whitby. Our goal is a community that builds each other up and makes collaborative writing together something to look forward to.
  1. 18+ only, please.
  2. Be respectful to your fellow players, including staff. This includes being mindful of other players' boundaries.
  3. We all accidentally cross lines sometimes. However, abusive behavior is not tolerated here. Repeated disrespect of your fellow players and staff, abuse, and boundary crossing will result in banning after all other intervention measures have been exhausted.
  4. It is recommended to tag your threads to the best of your ability with anything that writing partners and readers might appreciate a heads-up for (racism, sexism, common discriminatory phobias, violence, etc.); [CW] tags for your grittier/gorier threads' titles, please.
  5. Please take notice of your partner's comfort levels and consent before including sexual and/or potentially disturbing content in your threads.
  6. We do not allow graphic rape threads on our forum - such content must Fade to Black.

What Do I Need to Do?

Where most of us begin is with the creation of an OOC account using the name you would like us to refer to you by. Technically, you could do that and only that and engage with various NPCS, tangents, and what have you. There's also the option of a main character account - or for the hardcore separatists, logging in individually to each of your accounts when you want to post with them.

That said, most of us are going to create characters (likely multiple characters) who will be attached to the OOC account through the Account Switcher in your control panel (accessed by clicking your name).

Each field in your character's profile (edited through your Control Panel) is optional, but intended to give information that can be used for plotting. Fill in as much or as little as you please.

What are the Prefixes?

Prefixes here are used to indicate three things:
CW: Content warning. Like movie ratings, but more specific. A general list can be found under spoiler here - if you have something you would like tagged, it is a good idea to let your partner know. Content warnings can be added either preemptively or at the time of content addition.
Common Content Warnings:

Open: Anyone can join, including after someone else has joined. If you consider the thread full, simply go to the beginning and remove the [Open] tag.
Complete: The thread is done. No further posting is expected. Enjoy that nice, clean Complete feeling.

No Prefix can be assumed to mean A. ask before joining, or B. follow any given instructions within the thread for posting.


Face claims, aesthetic avatars, and no avatars are all accepted here. We gently recommend a size of 395x250 for best fit.

Edits & Updates
2/28/2020 - Tweaked language in Rule #4 to clarify expectations; tweaked language in Need to Do section to be more inclusive of various sign-up preferences.

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