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[Open] A Shortcut

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Age: 23
Occupation: Aspiring university student
Height: 5'4
Registered: Aug 2019

Nesah spent most of her time in other places now, seeing friends, seeing the country, sitting for her entrance exams. She still hadn't told anyone about that last bit. When she was in town, she avoided going out for too long, no matter how unbearably moody her brother was. The only place she enjoyed was the beach, when it was quiet. But it was barely ever quiet.

Yet today was a beautiful day and after having locked herself up for a few days with her books, Nesah had decided to attempt a visit to the beach and hope the fishing girls or screaming children would leave her alone. She didn't know why she had decided on a short cut. Maybe her legs were tired easily from the lack of exercise and she wanted to get to the beach as quickly as possible. Maybe wanted to avoid the crowded main streets. Or maybe she was simply bored into recklessness. 

Whatever, the reason, it was a bad idea. After a few turns, Nesah found herself lost in a network of lanes and yards, with no idea how to get back out. The smell got worse and the housing poorer, and Nesah didn't like the way people looked at her. 

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