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[Complete] Open Audition Call [Churches, Abbey, and Schools]
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Stephen removed his hat and wiped the sweat off his brow. He had only three flyers left to hang up; he'd make the place where he hung his last one a pub. It was far too hot, and he needed a drink and to get out of the sun.

He drove a flyer into the post in front of him. It read:

Open Audition Call
for the
Newly Forming
Whitby Choral Society

No experience necessary
All voices welcome

Thursday, 19 July 1894
7 p.m.
St. Hilda's Anglican Church

Audition Night

Stephen propped the church door open to let in the breeze, then sat in one of the pews to wait until singers started to appear. He checked his pocket watch; it was 6:30. No one was particularly prompt, it seemed.

He'd made himself a neat set of audition forms, with staff lines where he could notate each singer's range, and space for him to jot down their strengths and weaknesses. He didn't expect to turn anyone away, but he needed to know what level of repertoire to choose - at least to start. They'd improve with instruction.

He wondered if any of his singers from the church choir would appear.
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Normally, Christine was quite happy to spend all of her time at home above the bookstore, but there was a change in plans. She was going to market when she noticed a flyer, she had barely made it to church as she didn't care much for it for obvious reasons. Still, the woman had been raised to go to church and she did believe in it to a point. Perhaps this would put her on God's good side at least a little. She stepped into the church, and gave a small wave to the man.

"Hello, I noticed the flyer. Are you really allowing anyone to give it a try?" She had learned a little bit of choir when she had been in church as a child with her mother. She certainly practiced for fun when her father hadn't been around as he hated it, finding it a waste. The woman hoped she hadn't grown rusty and perhaps this one but one more way to spite her late father.
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Susan was coming around a corner when she happened upon a pretty woman standing outside of the church confabulating with a man. Distracted by the woman's fair face, she noticed her feet were traveling in the direction of the church. To late to back away and not seem strange, she stopped walking and stood there awkwardly, people treading heavily around her. Susan leaned in to catch the tail-end of the conversation. "-Thursday, the nineteenth at seven, we'll be starting to accept auditions" The man explained to the woman. "Splendid", the woman replied, "I'll make sure to be there." The woman walked away leaving a flushed Susan in her graceful wake. The man looked at Susan waiting for her to speak. "I-", she paused unsure if she wanted to commit to something for the slim possibility that she might meet a woman. She didn't even know her sexual orientation or if she was even unwed. "I will also be joining you as well, sir." Why not, after all, what could she possibly lose?

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