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[Somniac] Autumn Quote Challenge

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Pronouns: She/Her
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For the Quote Challenge.

# 16: “Listen. No, really listen.”

She was at the local watering hole that she always told her family she wasn’t at. The barkeep looked up from wiping down the counter. She frowned just a hint deeper upon seeing Anita, but turned to fetch another glass.

Yet again, Anita was there ‘til it was just her and the barkeep. Mary, if she recalled. Mary the Unmarried, who had inherited a nice fancy bar with a brick front and most of the vomit cleaned up before it even dried. Beautiful brown eyes that shined brighter than the countertop –

“Listen,” Mary said, frowning even more as she shrugged her hands wide. “No, really listen.”

Anita sat up straight and stared hard, squinting at the way Mary’s figure passed in and out of itself.

“’m listening.”

Mary sighed and put her hands on her hips.

“What did I just say?”

Something about... something. Ghosts or something.

“About the...” Anita smiled and gestured a hand understandingly, hoping this would show she clearly remembered and also coincidentally provide her with the answer.

Mary made a more annoyed sound, shook her head, then smiled.

“Shouldn’t you be finding your family before they find you, Annie?”

They wouldn’t. She always thought they wouldn’t. But some way or another, they found her or she found them again.

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