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Books Against Boredom

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Most of the girls Catherine spent time with were aware of their graces and often vain about it too. They took compliments with civility and often returned them, but that was it. To see this young girl glow under a simple compliment was oddly satisfying.

Catherine moved to put the book back on the pile. "I love Anderson. Our nurse used to read them to us." She turned back to the girl. "I've never read Tom Brown's School Days. I thought it was for boys. Is it any good?"

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"Oh yes. Poor Tom and George," Ellie used the character's christian names, despite the utterly foreign setting of a rich boy's school. Tom and George were also normal names. "They were young like me. I 'ated that bully Flashman. I was glad that he got in trouble." At the question if the book was only for boys... Ellie's brow arched. Was it? "Well, it might be just for boys, but Miss Christine said I could to practice."

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