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[CW] Withering Flower
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Pronouns: She, her
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<CW> Adult themes.

Sonia felt so very tired. There were days where getting out of her bed was the hardest thing she could do. She had been feeling poorly for quite some time, especially after the birth of the twins. It wasn't just fatigue, it was pain, it was sadness, and there were a myriad of other things going through her mind. Doc W. had suggested before she had even given birth to go to a different doctor, and up until that point, she did not really have any choice to get to him.

One of the men she trusted from the Diamond Pony had come to collect her after she'd secreted out a note to him that she was not well and did not trust her husband with her care. He did not seem too interested in her goings on in any case. He was in the cab with her, a concerned look cast her way as she seemed to have her eyes closed. "I'll be back for you in a few moments, Sonia," said the deep, bass voice.

The man exited the cab and moved to the door to Dr. Wells' home and office. He gave a calm but firm rap on the door, making sure to keep as calm as possible while his former employer rested in the cab. He removed the knit cap he wore and held it in his hands, worrying at the woven material.

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