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[Complete] [CW] A ball at the Ennington Manor
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The company had been asked to perform as well as be there for the party.  She had said she was honored to be asked.  She and the group had put together three numbers to perform for the gathering.  The costuming had been chosen with a consideration of sparkle and light and delicate.  Raisa had selected a lovely but not as shiny dress to change into after performing.  Kirill would stand as her companion at the party, as the rest of the group would also partner up and mingle.  Though at the moment they were back warming up and waiting for the signal for them to come out and perform.

She was ready to start in an antique rose costume of a filmy material that would float as she danced.  Kirill was in a matching outfit to dance as her male lead.  The material had sparkling shinies all through it.  Her hair was up with diamond pins and ribbon around the bun that was of the same color as the rest of her outfit.  Warming up, she leaned onto Kirill's shoulder and lifted her leg up behind her as far as she could.

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