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A Time for Tea - Edward Blackwood - 10-13-2021

Both Ruth and Vela would find a letter slide underneath their door one morning. It was unmarked save their name and wax seal on the back bearing the Blackwood family crest. Which took the form of a single tree with the words: "Industria et Scientia." Around the outer edge of the seal. 

The letters themselves were identical in content but their names topped both of them and just looking at the writing was enough to tell them who sent the letter. The script was small and cute but a bit shaky and uneven. The person who wrote it clearly did their best to write as neatly as possible but was lacking in experience which made their hand shake just a bit. It was easy to imagine the author sitting at her desk writing and re-writing over and over until the cost of paper forced them to take their best effort. The note read as follows, with the appropriate name substituted for the respective recipient:

Dearest Vela/Ruth,

I hope this letter finds you in fine spirits this day as I would like to cordially invite you to attend a tea party with myself and Vela Rosewine/Ruthe Blacke. The tea party will take place this coming Sunday at two in the afternoon in the Blackwood Manor Solar. Formal attire is requested but not required, however, I will be delighted to show off the new dress I made with the fabric so generously provided Miss Rosewine. I hope to see you both there. 

Warmest Regards,
Bethany Wesley

Young Betsy had acquired permission from Mister Lane to use the Solar, the crest she'd borrowed from Edward (with permission, in the sense she asked him and he said yes without looking up from his book), and Eleanor had agreed to cater the event and act as a servant for it in a limited capacity. The girl was practically bursting with excitement as only a young girl just past her eighteenth year who had utterly romanticized the life style of those she worked for could be.

RE: A Time for Tea - Vela Rosewine - 10-14-2021

Vela had smiled brightly when she had read the invitation.  She had made sure one of her dresses was set up properly for the tea.  On the appropriate time, she got ready.  The dress had a pastel sage green material with ruffles at the wrist and at the high neckline.  There was lace under that at the neck and down in a curved v in the front and went over her shoulders down to her wrist where the ruffle of material was that matched the material of the dress itself.  The skirt fluffed out about a foot wide all along her feet but no ruffle there.  It was very tight tipped against her chest and waist. 

With careful attention to her hair, she put it up in a loose bun with a set of lovely combs her mother had given her of mother pearl tucked on either side of her head into the bun.  The only jewelry she wore was a set of pearl earrings that dangled just slightly off her ear.

She arrived at the solar a few minutes early and glanced around with a smile.  "Hello.  This is so exciting."

RE: A Time for Tea - Ruth Blacke - 10-25-2021

She had left the boy with his grandparents for a few days for a visit, wanting them to spend time with Jacob. She had a neutral expression written across her face, having recently gotten a love letter she didn't believe in. Her mouth curled upward, however, at the sight that greeted her. Ruth wore her Sunday best, a blouse and a skirt and a crocheted shawl.


RE: A Time for Tea - Edward Blackwood - 10-25-2021

Betsy's attire was somewhere between Vela's and Ruth's. She'd followed the style of a fashion magazine but had made a few altercations to the dress to make it more practical for a single person to put on. The gown was a cheery yellow that matched the girls complexion and personality well, trimmed with white lace, and she'd done an excellent job of cutting it to flatter her figure without being improper. Or well, not improper by country standards it had fewer layers than most dresses worn by the nobility and could have caused a scandal because of that.


The girl all but shrieked as she was, clearly, bubbling with enthusiasm as she flung her arms around Vela and then Ruth giving both of them a tight hug.

"Oh thank you so much for coming."

The girl was all but bouncing in jubilation that the two older women had agreed to have tea with her.

"You both look stunning, oh my, uhm just a moment."

She coughs as she remembers her manners and said.

"Lady Blacke, Lady Rosewine thank you so much for coming to afternoon tea. Please, have a seat we have some tea already prepared and some lovely watercress sandwiches to start."

With that she gestures to the table that bore a classic set up for British tea time.

RE: A Time for Tea - Vela Rosewine - 10-27-2021

Vela couldn't help but hide a chuckle at the younger woman's reaction.  She covered the sound with a light cough and covered her hand.  "This is lovely, my dear.  Thank you for inviting us."  She responded properly and moved over after the hug.  "Such a nice spread,"  Vela added and meant it.  She did these for a living and thought it was quite lovely indeed.

She took a sit gracefully smoothing her skirts as she sat down.  "You both look smashingly."  She again made the comment with honesty in her expression and tone.

RE: A Time for Tea - Ruth Blacke - 11-01-2021

She couldn't help but envy the pretty gown of the cook. It was too bad she hadn't been born into that kind of money and it wasn't likely that she would ever get to wear such a fine frock as that. She did not look down at her ordinary, Sunday clothes. She accepted the compliment with as much grace and dignity as one could muster.

"Aye, so do ye, miss," she said genuinely. She liked Vela.

Then she looked over to Betsy and gave a smile.

RE: A Time for Tea - Edward Blackwood - 11-21-2021

"Well, come!" Betsy said gesturing toward the table. "Please, take a seat ladies."

The younger woman lead the way settling down before pouring out three cups of tea.

"We have honey, milk, and sugar if you'd like. As well as a choice of Black, Earl Grey, or Chamomile tea."