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Gratitude - Ruth Blacke - 02-27-2021

Jacob was heavy in her arms as she stepped out of the hansom. She was dressed in her best, which wasn't saying much... but it was a blouse and a maroon-colored skirt of questionable fabric, and a straw hat perched jauntily on her head. Her dark tresses were pulled back in a chignon at the back of her neck.

It had been a week since her rather large baby boy came into the world. It took her three days to even name the child because she had been so tired, ill with a fever for a few days. The next several days were spent resting and such, getting acquainted with Jacob.

She approached the door and knocked upon it with her free hand, then started to dance the way new mothers did with their babies to keep them from crying. It was about a week and a day or so since they had seen her.

RE: Gratitude - Edward Blackwood - 02-28-2021

The door opens and Betsy answers. "Hello... Oh, well if it isn't Ruth!" The young maid exclaims blinking as she notices the baby. "Oh, and you've had your baby!" The young woman exclaims with an excited noise. "Oh my, isn't he just adorable?" She says as she watches the infant wiggle in her arms.

RE: Gratitude - Ruth Blacke - 02-28-2021

The boy worked his tongue in his little toothless mouth, staring at nothing in particular. He was wrapped up to keep him warm against the chill of early spring. "Aye, about a week old. I had him the day I left here." She chuckled softly. "I named him Jacob." She paused and then sighed, "I came by to thank ye all fer yer kindness." She looked at Jacob and then back at Betsy, adjusting the heavy infant in her arms.

RE: Gratitude - Edward Blackwood - 02-28-2021

"Well, I am very glad you did love."

Betsy says motioning her inside.

"Come on, let's go find my ma. I am sure she will be delighted to..."

She's cut off as a man who looked to be in his early twenties appears. His appearance was impeccable, his features severe and professional looking, and when he spoke his accent was enough for Ruth to feel the class divide.

"Betsy, what is going on who is this?"

He inquires as comes up. While his suit looked more expensive than anything Ruth had ever owned, it was in the classic Butler cut that she may or may not recognize.

"Oh, Mister Lane," Betsy says with a grin. "This is Ruth, you remember we told you about the young pregnant woman from about a week ago? She came back to say thank you and show us her baby."

Mister Lane pauses and looks at the child, then he smiles warmly at the babe. "Ah, yes, that sounded like dreadful business. I am pleased to see that your child was not adversely affected by the stress." His gaze flicks back to Betsy. "Go find Eleanor, she will make a commotion if she finds out about this and the babe was not immediately brought to her attention. But don't forget you have work to do." He then continues about his business. The house still had a fair few contractors working on it and he was overseeing them.

RE: Gratitude - Ruth Blacke - 02-28-2021

She stepped in when invited and smiled at the butler who was smiling at Jacob. "Thank you," she said to the duo. She pulled the blankets away from Jacob's face and she lovingly traced his cheek. The brawny little fellow grunted a few times and gave a great big yawn. It was so hard to be a baby, right? So tiring.

RE: Gratitude - Edward Blackwood - 02-28-2021

It doesn't take them long to find the head maid Eleanor who is absolutely delighted to see both Ruth and the baby. "Would you look at him!" Eleanor exclaims in delight as she reaches out to gently stroke the babe's cheek. "Such a large boy, oh he is going to be a fine young man I can tell."

RE: Gratitude - Ruth Blacke - 02-28-2021

"He's going to be braw, that is for sure and certain," she chuckled. Jacob grunted as the woman touched his cheek and Ruth chuckled, "And he is already a notorious flirt," she laughed a little. Just like his da, she thought and her smile died a little. "He came into this world with a lusty bellow, too. Such a mighty set of lungs he has on him." Ruth laughed softly and offered him to Eleanor to take if she so wanted. It was something she hadn't been comfortable with for the first few days, but she couldn't always hold him, could she? Besides, she trusted the woman with her life now.

RE: Gratitude - Edward Blackwood - 02-28-2021

Eleanor took the babe with the practice and easy-grip of a woman who'd raised more than a few of her own. Which she had, while Betsy was her only daughter Elanor had four sons. She rocks the lad gently as she grunts theatrically. "Oof, such a big healthy boy you are. You are going to be a fine young man aren't you." She teases the babe with gentle words and a sunny smile which kept him calm and happy even after leaving his mother's arms.

RE: Gratitude - Ruth Blacke - 02-28-2021

She had to admit it was nice to let someone else hold Jacob for once. He was a chill baby, just hanging out without a care in the world that some woman besides his own mama was holding him. Ruth smiled at the pair and said, "I think he likes ye, mum." He gave another great yawn. "Oh, I know, it's so tiresome being a bairn, isn't it?" she chuckled and then tilted her head. On a more serious note, she asked, "And how is Master Edward? I confess I've been curious about him since I was here."

RE: Gratitude - Edward Blackwood - 02-28-2021

"He's..." Eleanor says with a frown and Betsy jumps in.

"Same as ever. Though he's a bit better fed lately, the new chef's only job is making sure he eats so he is starting to put back on some weight."

Betsy didn't envy the woman who basically had to jump through hoops every meal to get Edward to notice the food and eat it.