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Arabella Cynthia Somerville
Aspiring Scientist

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Registered: 10-04-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Arabella Cynthia Somerville
Pronouns: She / Her
Age: 24
Occupation: Aspiring Scientist
Class: Upper Class
Origins: Eaglesfield, England
Relationships: Biological father- Deceased
Step-Father - Dandy Philosopher and Scientist, works at home
Mother - Housewife Extraordinaire, wishes her husband would stop with the science
5 older siblings

Sexuality: Gay
Height: 5'5"
Physical Description: Arabella keeps herself in style, careful to use aprons and labcoats to keep her clothes clean. She keeps her hair up in a bun, and a pair of round glasses on her nose.
History: Arabella was very young when her father died, and her mother wasted no time in remarrying. While Mr. Somerville was an excellent choice in terms of status, his reputation for disappearing into his academic bower was something his new wife worked hard to fix.

Nothing could dissuade the man from leaving his home however, and once there were children in the house they became the only thing that could lure him out of his laboratory. While he was kind and supportive of all his children, Arabella was the only one to take a shine to science, and that quickly earned her the place as his favourite.

The adults in her life worried about how she would grow up, and she heard all the whispers and angry conversations about it. She worried about science cutting her off from the world, from her family, but the awe and wonder of discovery always drew her back. And waiting for her in the lab was always her father, and not infrequently one or two of her siblings.

The lab was an escape from the strictness of the world, of the formality. And even those siblings less interested in science were happy to come down to the lab for a reprise, time spent with a father who never judged.

In the safety and secrecy of that laboratory Arabella was able to talk about another concern she had about what might make her unable to have a family. In skirting language she explained, and in skirting language he told her what his answer had been. Over time their discussions would become more frank, over time he'd introduce her to other people like them.

Mr. Somerville made sure Arabella was properly tutored. What he didn't know, he found friends or university students he trusted to teach her. There were more worried whispers, but the draw of science would not let her go.

In 1887 she entered Bedford College having passed the entrance exam with flying colours. It was different, but they had laboratories, and in three years time she had her Bachelor's of Science. It was a great temptation to continue towards a Master's degree, but the whispers and worries of her family that had gone on the entire three years had worn her down.

Instead the next three years she stayed at home. She attended the right social events, presented as the good quiet daughter, and then rushed home to the lab to experiment with chemicals. Her experiments were rash, and not always safe and her health began to show signs of decline.

In 1893 her mother finally convinced Mr. Somerville she should leave to Whitby for the clean air and healing spas.

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