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Davy Galloway
"Retired" Criminal

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Registered: 10-04-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Davy Galloway
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 43
Occupation: Retired Criminal
Class: Nouveau Riche
Origins: Arnprior, Ontario
Relationships: Not of much consequence to his life, he was somewhere near being the oldest of 11 kids.
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'7"
Physical Description: Davy's got the sturdy build of a life time of labour: solid, undefined muscle and a wide, heavy frame. He's put on a lot of weight in the years since coming to England, and while that softens his appearance, it's not hard to tell he's worked like an ox for years on end.

He dresses like a man who has never met nobility, but desperately wants people to know he's rich. Unfortunately he's prone to cutting corners, particularly if he can find a way to repair a garment rather than buy a new one. It doesn't help that his sense of clean isn't as strict as other people's.
History: [CW: Pregnancy, Bodysnatching]

From a farming family, Davy spent the warm months helping his father and brothers grow the crops for the family to eat, and then in the cold months he and his brothers would head north into the logging camps. When the rivers open in the spring, they'd drive the logs down to Ottawa to ship to England.

The logging camps were strict and dangerous, but the men found time to entertain themselves with song, dance and stories. When they'd come into town after work was done, most men spent the lion's share of their wages, but Davy saved his. On the neighbouring farm was Margaret Crumb, and he was sure the way to her heart was with a small fortune. All his spare money he sunk into her family's farm, every new toy and convenience he made sure they had.

In 1874, Margaret told Davy she was pregnant, and Davy promised to marry her as soon as he came back in the spring. When he came back, she had married someone else. A husband who was always away, no matter the money he brought back was not the life she wanted.

So, utterly beside himself he went drinking with his logging buddies. And when Margaret's new husband showed up in the bar, all hell broke loose. When the dust settled Davy was sent to the Provincial Penitentiary for two years on the charge of wounding with intent.

His life in the penitentiary was hard labour in their farm and quarry, and trying to keep from drawing the attention of the prison staff.

When his sentence was up, with no money to get home he was keen to take the first job offered to him. And the first job offered to him, was by an inmate who had noticed he was both strong and light on his feet. Add that to his patience and willingness to follow directions to a tee, he seemed like a prime candidate for becoming a grave-robber.

Kingston was just a short trip from the Penitentiary, and ever since Queen's University had opened its medical school there were always rich students in need of cadavers. Davy excelled, eventually starting his own gang of grave-robbers. Money was good, and Davy was a popular man to work for, loyal and protective of the people who worked under him. In his eyes the city was as happy to kill a man as the wilderness, and he employed everything he'd learned to keep his gang safe and alive.

In 1885 a smallpox epidemic caused most legitimate sources of cadavers to disappear, and Davy positioned his crew to take full advantage. That year they were able to ship bodies across to the states in barrels. The whole business of body-snatching had become so lucrative that it was increasingly becoming cause for concern among citizens. As soon as the smallpox epidemic cleared up, Davy disbanded his group. Some were too stubborn to listen and kept going, but Davy got out just before new stricter laws were emplaced to deter grave-robbing, and the government forced schools to limit the number of cadavers students needed to have.

For years he saved up his money. Somewhere in his heart of hearts he still hoped Margaret would come back if he could just provide her with a safe and happy life. Now with enough to retire, he got in touch with her brother, claiming he'd found enough gold to make him rich. "You'd have to be the King of England- she's happy, Davy. Isn't that what you want for her?"

Ah, she wanted to marry a proper English gentleman. So in 1886 he bought a ticket on a steamer, and bought a big beautiful house and began sending her letters. She'd write back occasionally. He'd spend money on making the house as fancy and modern as possible and tell her all about it in the letters. She wrote back less often.

The money did not last as long as he had thought. He'd underestimated how often new things had to be bought instead of repairing old things in order to be seen as properly wealthy.

Increasingly his mind turns to thoughts of all the money lost under the water, and all the money sitting idle in others pockets...

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