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Francis Tully

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Registered: 09-17-2019

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Additional Info About Francis Tully
Pronouns: he him
Age: 25
Occupation: none
Class: poor
Origins: Hebrides, Scotland
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 6'
Physical Description: He is tall, lanky and disheveled. His hair could always use a comb and he a shave. His hair is brown and his eyes are blue.
History: He was a simple farm boy from a poor area who fell in love with his best friend from a nearby farm. They had a secret life and planned to run away together to Edinburgh where they could live together and no one stick their nose into their private life. Before it could happen, his lover, Lewis, fell ill. He put their savings into getting him help but nothing could save him. It became clear to others about their relationship and he was disowned.

He has traveled around to find a home, doing what he could for money which was mostly stealing. He has found his way to Whitby a broken man with little to live for but keeps trying to survive and find something to fill his heart until the day he dies and he can rejoin Lewis wherever it may be.

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