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Frances Cockburn
Fallen Woman

95 Posts
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Registered: 09-08-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Frances Cockburn
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 25 (10/21/1871)
Occupation: Crossdressing Constable
Class: Working
Origins: Ukraine
Relationships: Mother: Dead; consumption.
Father: Alive, working. Open.
Eldest Son: Open.
7 Sisters: Open.
5 Brothers: Open.
Sexuality: "Straight"
Height: 6'0"
Physical Description: When reclining or knelt, Fanny’s dainty face makes her look meek. At full height, however: Fanny towers above the crowd. She is also incredibly built.

She does her best to minimize her size with corsets, long sleeves and flat shoes, but there is no hiding her height in the middle of a crowd.

She may or may not suspiciously resemble a woman from one of the circuses.
History: As a child, Fanny found herself delighted by two things: boys, and pretty things.

As she grew into a woman, the interests shifted but did not especially deviate.

As a career prostitute, Fanny has learned that dick loses its charm fast, coin runs like water, and that she is damned sick of chasing trickles.
OOC Preferences: Thread Pace: So far, I've noticed my pace is slower with her.

Group Threads:
If Fanny is mainly a spectator, feel free to skip her turn.
I will generally consent to non-permanent effects in my absence if an announced dice roll is done in #random-generator-channel.
I will generally roll with being skipped over, but if in doubt I'm usually pretty quick to respond to @s in Discord.

All sex scenes with Fanny are fade-to-black.

For major injuries, serious plotlines, a strong focus on misogyny, and potential played out sexual violations (due to the nature of her work, the vast majority of Fanny's sexual encounters fall into the realm of dub-con), ask me first.

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