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Jacob Feldmann

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Registered: 08-29-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Jacob Feldmann
Age: 24
Occupation: University drop-out / Socialist radical
Class: Upper middle class
Origins: Birmingham
History: Jacob grew up as the third son in a wealthy family in Birmingham. His father owns a factory there that had made the family rich and Jacob was able to go to a good school and then attended the University of Cambridge. His parents had high hopes of him becoming a politician. Jacob, however, had no interest in studying and he felt most of his peers at Cambridge were snobs. At the university he came in touch with a socialist group and started reading socialist works. When home during his breaks, he became more and more aware of how, despite reform, the living conditions of the working classes were appalling. His studies had convinced him that socialist reform through formal channels was only going to come slow – if at all – and he gave up on his degree. Instead, he moved to York, telling his parents that he was starting a business there. Only reluctantly, his parents supported him. In truth, Jacob was spending his time learning the trade of carpentry, while active in a network of socialist radicals. He and his friends would print pamphlets, organize small riots, and try to convince the ‘proletariat’ that they deserved better. In an attempt to expand the network, Jacob and a few of his friends have now moved to Whitby to stir things up there.

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Birthday: 06-11-1990 (32 years old)
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