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Madeline Gale

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Registered: 08-17-2019

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Additional Info About Madeline Gale
Pronouns: She Her
Age: 36
Occupation: Lady of Leisure
Class: Poor
Origins: Hull
Relationships: Mother : Deceased
Half Brother
Half Sister
Sexuality: Whatever
Height: 5'2"
Physical Description: Short dark hair, dark eyes, she has tan skin and a very petite presence.
History: Sylvia Alfonsi was born to a single mother in Hull. Her mother raised her the best she could while feeding her resentment she felt towards her father and talked constantly about his 'real' family. When Sylvia was 13, her mother died after being mugged after work one night.

She too to stealing and begging on the street to try to make ends meet. Barely making ends meet, she was enticed to join a brothel that seemed like a dream come true compared to what she had before. She made a friend there that suggested she change her name to something more 'local'. Thus she became Madeline Gale.

At 32, there was a disagreement that evolved into real drama that made the place unwelcoming, so she packed up to find a new home. Eventually she found Whitby and settled into the local brothel as it is the only life she really feels she can live now.

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