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Gabriel Richards
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Additional Info About Gabriel Richards
Age: 33
Occupation: Roman Catholic Priest
Class: Middle class
Origins: Hull
Height: 5'9
History: Gabriel was born in Hull as the son of a succesful doctor. His father intended for him to take over his practice, but from an early age, Gabriel had other ambitions. His parents were Catholics, and though his father was not very religious, his mother was, and from an early age, Gabriel was taken to Mass and taught to pray and was told stories about the saints. He was captivated by the colours and smells and sacred atmosphere of the liturgy. As a young boy, he would play he was a priest, saying Mass, and he would make his little sister, Therese, and her doll play congregants.

Gabriel's father did allow his son to attend a minor seminary, because it was a good school, but sent him off to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh afterwards. By this time, Gabriel had become disappointed with the Jesuits under whom he had studied, and had almost forgotten his dream of becoming a priest. However, in Edinburgh, he became active in a society that sought to address the situation of the poor under the supervision of a very socially engaged priest. This inspired Gabriel, and he began going to Mass again and studying his faith, and he once again felt a strong vocation to the priesthood.

He left the university and joined the seminary. His father, who died several years later, never really forgave him. In the seminary, Gabriel became very close friends with one of his fellow seminarians, which finally led to some inappropriate behaviour. Ever since, Gabriel has tried to suppress that part of himself and avoid close friendships with men.

After his ordination, Gabriel served as a chaplain in Hull for several years, before coming to Whitby, to be its catholic parish priest. Here, he was still very socially engaged, seeking to address not only Whitby's spiritual needs, but also its social and economic issues, much to the displeasure of the local bishop and some of the wealthier parishioners.

Gabriel was passionate about his work, but when he fell in love with a man under his spiritual guidance, this precipitated an existential crisis. He left the parish and spent some months in a monastery, after which he returned to Whitby, now as assistant priest rather than head of the parish. He tried throwing himself into the work with the same passion as before, but found himself struggling. When the parish priest left the priesthood, Gabriel was again made parish priest. However, he's feeling more discouraged than ever.
OOC Preferences: No limits in language. For violence, please discuss any maiming, torture, death, or harm to a child with me first. For sexual content, no rape (see rules as well!). I generally suck at NSFW threads.

Unless otherwise discussed, I will consider a thread dead/finished and move on if I haven’t had a reply in a month (a oneliner is A-ok. I just hate my plots stagnating and my character trapped in time). I’ll probably nudge you a week before or so, in case it fell off your radar.

If we are in a group thread, I would like everyone to have a chance to reply in turn. However, if I bombed your thread, don't wait for me if I'm not responding fast enough.

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