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Samuel Carson

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Registered: 07-22-2023

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Samuel Carson
Age: 21
Occupation: Ranch Hand/Bandit
Class: Working class
Origins: Virginia, USA
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 5'11"
Physical Description: Sam has the type of strength( and calluses to match) one gains from day in and day out heavy lifting, animal handing and field work. His sandy brown hair lays in lazy curls on his head, normally covered by a pinched front hat.
History: Born roughly in the mid 1870's to Sarah and Jack Carson. His mother had died during his birth, but his father remained strong and tried to raise Sam as best as he could. Sam spent the first 15 years of his life working on not just his family farmstead, but various ranches in the area. By the time his 16th birthday rolled around, his father had contracted tuberculosis and passed away, leaving Sam to make his own way in the world. It was round this time that he was approached by an older man named John Williams. Williams had told Sam of a fantastic business venture, work during the day and steal horses by night. Sam agreed without hesitation, being young, dumb and desperate for an escape to a better life. It didn't take long before he was running and gunning with a band of fellow thieves, even dipping their toes in hold ups. They managed to avoid capture for years, mainly owed to their choice of targets being small fry for the most part. In this time Sam, being the youngest of the group by a full decade, had sort just been put into the role of little brother for the rest of the gang. They often either called him boy, or Sammy. A full 5 years into their shall we say, side business? Their luck finally ran out. John had made up his mind they needed a bigger score, and resolved to rob a large bank in Washington county. the job itself went off without a hitch, and everyone was celebrating their success, until the first gunshots rang out. 5 years of stealing and killing tended to make the law a bit upset, so they had shown up guns blazing, no interest in prisoners. one of their number of 6 was killed in the first exchange, the rest taking cover behind trees, rocks, anything they could find. To their credit no one in the gang was willing to let their adopted little brother die, and when the fight started going south John put his pistol in Sam's face while behind cover and ordered him to run. He did so, to his shame while the rest laid down a hail of hate on the lawmen. So Sam is only alive today because they held off the hunting party while he escaped. He doesn't know if any of the others survived. Making his way across Virginia with what he had on him from the last heist, he managed to reach port and board a ship, the destination really didn't matter to him, he just picked one at random. Now he is headed to a place called Whitby, unsure of what to do when he gets there.
Alias: Sam, Sammy

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Birthday: 08-08-1988 (35 years old)
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