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Lysander Pappas
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Registered: 07-14-2023

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Additional Info About Lysander Pappas
Pronouns: He, Him, Sir
Age: 28
Occupation: Historian
Class: Middle Class
Origins: Greece
Relationships: Father: Kyros (59)
Mother: Damia (Deceased)
Sister: Isadore(25) m. Damien Knight(27)
Sister: Naida(22) m. James Winthrop(23)
Brother: Morpheus(20)
Brother: Rhodes (17)
Sister: Kora (13)
Sexuality: Yes please
Height: 6'
Physical Description: Striking eyes that resembled to heat of a blue flame peered from the face of a handsome fellow. He sports facial hair and a nice close cut with his hair. He's tall, dark, handsome, AND brooding.
History: Lysander's family came from Greece not long after his youngest sibling was born. His mother had died giving birth to Kora, and to try and start anew, they moved the lot to Devon where they'd resided for the last twelve years.

His childhood in Greece had been happy, he was fifteen at the time his mother passed away. His life had been easy and he was fascinated by learning. He'd learned English from a young age, so he became fluent and hardly even has an accent to reflect the fact.

His normal childhood turned into tragedy, the move happened, and he found himself in a whole world unlike his own. The next decade or so was spent finding himself. Or rather, trying to. He wasn't wealthy, but he didn't care, he was comfortable and that's all that mattered.

Now it's time for him to explore, so he's found himself on his way to Whitby...
OOC Preferences: The following triggers (warning) - Sexual Assault (needs to be discussed and should be faded black)
Infant Loss/Infertility - small trigger but willing to play.

I love romance, drama, and intrigue
Alias: Kimmie

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