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Murtagh MacLellan
Republican - Duke Of York

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Registered: 03-02-2023

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Murtagh MacLellan
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 44
Occupation: Republican
Class: Working
Origins: Perthshire
Relationships: Cousin - Jamie Maclellan & Alasdair Maclellan.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5ft 11
Physical Description: Murtagh stands at just shy of 6 foot. He bears the scars of years at sea before retiring to an easier life.

He is muscular built from years of manual graft but the years of fine food have made him put on a little extra weight since leaving the Navy
History: Murtagh was born not far from his where his cousin alasdair would be born 4 years later. Alasdair, Jamie and Murtagh were all born Maclellan as sons of 3 brothers, one of which would move to Glasgow and two who would stay in Perth.

Murtagh spent his childhood down in Perth Harbour admiring the ships that would arrive into harbour to unload. Many of which days should have been spent in school.

He wasn't much of a student. He would spend more Time being truent than sitting in class and wouldn't be allowed to stay on at 14.

From the age of 14 until he was 26 Murtagh was a member of the Royal navy serving onboard 2 ships his career. HMS repulse as an able seaman & HMS Agamemnon as a Bosun.

When he was 26, he left the Royal Navy for better pay in the Merchant navy which would see him serve with different shipping companies up until he was 41.

After almost two decades at sea it was time for a change. He had lost both parents two years prior and decided to invest his money into something else. He landed in whitby and discovered one of the local pubs - Duke Of York was up for sale with accommodation. Murtagh took an impulse decision and bought the pub and became a Republican.

2 years later two of his cousins would venture south in search of change aswell

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