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Bonnie McNeil
Destiny - The Diamond Pony

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Registered: 02-26-2023

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Bonnie McNeil
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 29
Occupation: Courtesan
Class: Working
Origins: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Relationships: Father. Angus (deceased)
Mother. Elizabeth (deceased)

Brother: 26 (Open) Currently unknown location. Joined army at 18
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5ft 5
Physical Description: Bonnie stands at 5ft 5 and is slim built. She trys to live a healthy and active lifestyle outwith the diamond pony. She uses exercise as a means to keep her life in balance.
History: Bonnie grew up in Edinburgh with her parents and her younger brother. They lived not far from the castle as her father worked in the castle maintaining the grounds and her mother stayed at home to look after both children.

Bonnie played in the castle grounds when she was younger while her father worked until she was able to go to school. She loved needle work and some of the other classes but didn't have much interest in school and would leave at 14 to work.

She worked for a local courtesan doing maintenance on the clothing and repairing upholstery. She would do this until she was 21 where a house fire in the apartments they lived in which would claim the life of both her family members & thankfully not her brother who had joined the Royal Scots regiment at 17 and was serving in the army.

A change was what she needed at this point. The owners of her work knew the owners of the diamond pony and asked if she wanted to try there for a change of scenery.

She upsticked and moved her worldly possessions to the diamond and began a knew life there. It wasn't long before she needed more money and tried her hand at courtesan work and as they say the rest is history
Alias: Hutchie

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Last seen 06-19-2023, 08:39 PM.
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Birthday: 05-26-1989 (34 years old)
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