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Hortencia Coggins
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Registered: 02-26-2023

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Additional Info About Hortencia Coggins
Pronouns: She, Her
Age: 39
Occupation: Author
Class: Secretly filthy rich
Origins: Cornwall
Relationships: Pearl Carrington - Daughter
Sexuality: Yes please
Height: 5'7"
Physical Description: For a woman of middle age, she knew her face looked quite a bit younger than those of her peers no matter her attempts to make herself appear her own age. Her thick, dark hair was always worn in a braid and her piercing eyes tended to stay off the faces of men. She is of slightly taller height with a slender body that would not strike anyone as the body of one who'd birthed a child.
History: She does not talk about her life before she took the money that her lover had given her to keep her silence. Magnus Carrington III had been her greatest mistake in life and she had given up the right to see the child they had made together. Hers was not a disposition that matched that of Anne Carrington.

Hortencia had started with humble beginings in Cornwall, the only daughter of a brood of ten children that belonged to the clergyman that had been her father. She had been taught her place in life from an early age, obedient and quiet as could be. She was the apple of her father's eye until his death not long after she turned ten... her mother had already been long passed by that point, and he passed from a fever outbreak brought back from India into her neck of the woods.

Hortencia had been granted a soft cushion to land upon in becoming the nanny of the children of a merchant, one, Magnus Carrington III. She was still just a child as she helped to rear his infant children and he never took notice of her. He was kind enough to make sure she was well taken care in compensation for her being the shadow to the then, small brood. Over the years, her beauty started to blossom.

It was not until she was an adult that Magnus noticed her and took interest in her, for she had beauty and grace but failed to see it within herself. She did not know that Magnus was drawn to her as if a moth to a flame.

She had never wanted to fall in love with him. He seemed to start making more and more excuses to find her and admire her, listening to her as she played the piano for the gaggle of children he'd somehow managed to make with his wife despite the lack of feelings between them.

He had whispered words she wanted to hear, then, affirmations of affection said in a tortured manner. The pain in his eyes hurt her and she couldn't stand to see him hurting so when he wanted nothing but the best for his family.

He found her in the garden one night and they went further than either of them had meant to go. He made her feel alive in a world that felt suffocating to her and she relished the moments spent in the arms of her lover.

But then came the day when she began to feel as though she could not get enough sleep. There would soon be whispers of speculation and there were those that watched her closely.

It was Magnus that realized she was to bear his child. He wanted very much for her to stay with him and rear the child but he knew the consequences of that scenario would be particularly dire. A heavy sense of doom fell upon Hortencia's shoulders; she knew that he was about to do what she had hoped he'd never do.

At the first sign of her belly growing, she was spirited out of the house to be replaced by an old woman. The deeper into the pregnancy she got, the less she saw of Magnus.

The pregnancy was hard on her, leaving her in a weakened state. Did he not love her as she loved him?

He was not there for the many moments of fright that came with nearly falling to the floor in a faint every other day, or the cramps that plagued her more and more over time. He was not there when the midwife came to see her and ordered her to remain abed as much as she could. He was not there during the thunderstorm that shook the little cottage that had become her home. Nobody came to help her that night and she somehow made it through birthing her child alone and frightened, not knowing what to do other than to keep the child warm.

It would not be for another day after the storm subsided that it was safe for anyone to find her. It was her neighbor that found her, the poor lamb being in a state of near death.

Magnus had two choices... he could take Pearl and raise her himself or she could go to an orphanage, she truly thought she would perish before knowing the fate of the precious girl that she still clutched to her protectively through those nights of uncertainty.

Magnus came to her finally and bid her goodbye, but not before pulling her beloved child from her arms and then pressing a letter into her palm which was what she had known would come all along.

He would send a solicitor with a significant sum of money in return for her silence. She would never see or hear of Pearl again. She didn't see where she had a choice but to leave Whitby, for she could not take care of her own needs otherwise. The brokenhearted woman took the money she wanted no part of and disappeared into the night once she was deemed fit enough to travel.

The time, however, has come for her to right some wrongs. Her daughter deserved to know who she really was.

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