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Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Beatrice
Pronouns: She
Age: 25
Occupation: Nun
Class: Middle
Relationships: Father
Paternal Aunt - Anne Carrington nee Beckham
- Pearl Blacke (nee Carrington)
- Darius Carrington
- Robert Carrington
- Roderick Carrington
- Magnus Carrington
Sexuality: Demisexuality
Physical Description: Her long dark hair is covered by a nun's habit. She has brown eyes, and is quite beautiful.
History: The girl who would become Beatrice started life as Arabella had the good fortune to be born in England during the height of it's industrial and political power. Her youth was spent in middle class comfort thanks to her father’s success with a Pipe and Boiler Works, a growing industrial concern in England’s North. Arabella received new dresses, attended private schools, and was blessed with the good looks that ensured a promising future of continued comfort.

Arabella enjoyed her life certainly, and dutifully followed the family to Anglican church every Sunday in her best dress to sit near the front. In her youth, she tried to ignore the poor at the back and focus on the hymns and the yellow dots of candles, but as she grew older, she was drawn increasingly to the more spiritual matters of the church service. It became harder to judge the poor at the back and she stared often looked away with guilt when silently challenged. But the quiet time with prayer and singing allowed her an escape from the obligation and expectations she felt at home, planting the seeds of religion.

The young Carrington was stealing herself to enter the marriage market and would often pray for the strength to endure. Two events coincided with each other to change her life, Arabella catching a glimpse of the poverty of her father’s employees and she happened to stumble upon a street sermon from a fiery Irish priest named Father DeSoto.

Arabella got to know Father DeSoto who encouraged her to attend catholic church. Over time those early seeds blossomed, and Arabella found a new beauty and fullness in her life. Her newfound faith caused problems at home. The Carrington’s proverbial boiler blew a rivet when they learned she had converted. Ejected from her home, Father DeSoto arranged for her to stay with an order of French nuns who were setting up a convent in England. Spending her days cleaning and praying was a trial for her, but Arabella saw it as a pathway to goodness. She could now look the poor of the city in the eye without pride.

Eventually, Arabella took vows, on the path to the consecrated life, choosing the name Beatrice. She has spent the last few years in the Walmgate area of York, being a light in the darkness of the slums. Her order has dispatched her and two others to Whitby to minister to those on the coast. For Arabella, now Sister Beatrice it promises to be a difficult assignment.

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