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Florence Ennington

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Registered: 09-30-2022

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Additional Info About Florence Ennington
Pronouns: She, Her
Age: 19
Class: Upper Class
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Sisters: Catherine Ennington, Felicity Ennington
History: Raised in the comfort and security of wealth, she embraced the trappings of money and the attitudes of privilege, knowing no other life.

Comparison has been the thief of joy for this Ennington sister. From an early age she has felt an intense rivalry with her younger sibling, Catherine being only one year younger. Florence has spent her youth looking over her shoulder, pressured that there was always someone chasing her heels. Florence feels that younger Catherine has being gifted with better looks, a thinner waist, etc.
In academics and womanly skills, Florence did well enough but felt that she fought for every poke of the needlepoint or piano stroke, only watch Catherine seemingly sail through those same skills. Now both girls are of marriable age, Florence feels the pressure that the time for her to marry a suitable man – only a title will do - is running out. Feeling that she might have inherited poorer looks from older generations, she fears that such men will overlook her entirely in favour of Catherine.

She has no opinions on matters greater than the fabric of the curtains in the drawing room. She will decry the declining standard of domestic help these days.

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