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Koenraad Akermann
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Registered: 08-21-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Koenraad Akermann
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 32
Occupation: Gem cutter, former gemmologist
Class: Upper Middle Class
Origins: Antwerp, Belgium
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 6' 2''
Physical Description: Physical appearance:

-Ridiculously tall for the era


-Grey/green eyes

-Pale and thin

-Deaf on the left ear

-Generally looks distant (tends to turn to his right to hear better, which prevents him from looking people directly in the eyes)

-Prefers to act, dress and speak in a subdued fashion

-Light flemish accent

History: Koenraad Akermann was born on the 19th August 1864 in Antwerp, Flanders. Fifth of seven children and fourth son of a prominent Jewish family in the Antwerp Diamond quarter, Koenraad grew up surrounded by gemstones and started to get close to the gemmology and gem cutting field very soon… just like everybody else in his family.

By the time he reached the age of twelve, two of his elder brothers were already distinguishing themselves among the diamantaires, and the third son and first son-in-law soon followed suit. Koenraad had had his education and a position in a prominent merchant community handed to him since birth, but not a career that could satisfy his demanding father nor the ambition he had learnt from birth.

This and the need to leave the square kilometer where he had grown up, initially led him to marry a gentile woman and work as a gem cutter outside of the unique environment, choosing to rebel and then, as his wife and infant child died, to take up grand tasks and shady enterprises, in the hope of either forgetting his pain or get lost for good in one of his enterprises.

That was how he ended up in Egypt, assessing the value of an ancient amethyst mine. That was where he met Ramses Kotb, a man a few years senior to him.

Prudent by nature, Koenraad had spent most of his youth opinionless, pondering about everything he had learnt, removed from social life, still partially grieving and dedicated more to books than practice. Ramses changed it all. His presence made Koenraad realise not only that he had a strong world vision, but also that he wanted to adjust it and actively work to become a better man. That was how he and Ramses successfully managed to deter the original clients that the mine wouldn’t give them any profit and convinced a local business owner to acquire the place. It was only the first of their many adventures together.

For the seven years that followed, Koenraad and Ramses traveled the known world, one helping identify and cut precious stones while the other researched and discovered the remainings of ancient civilization, all while trying to avoid greedy foreigners like Koenraad had been getting their hands on local treasures.

During their latest trip, Koenraad fell ill with malaria. Local remedies did nothing for him, but in Whitby there was a doctor who claimed he had the cure for the terrible disease. Ramses promised him a treasure in exchange for his Belgian… business associate. For despite the many years spent together, neither Koenraad nor Ramses had ever felt comfortable enough to actually share the feelings that proximity and respect had slowly been nurturing inside of them.

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