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Kitty Ward

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Registered: 07-21-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Kitty Ward
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 13
Occupation: child
Class: working
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Father: Paul Ward (deceased, drowned 1889)
Mother: Mary Ward nee ???
Eldest Brother: Luke Ward, 24
Brother: Matthew Ward (deceased - drowned 1889)
Sibling: Loretta Ward (living) aged 19
Sister: Louise Ward (living), aged 19
15 other siblings, 2 surviving - 12 died before their first year, one later in life. Lory is one of two surviving twins, the 14thborn of 16.

Uncle: [1844] Benjamin Ward
Aunt: Hanna Ward nee Hawksfield (deceased)
Cousin: Tom Ward (deceased, drowned)
Cousin: Simon Ward (deceased, hanged for murder)
Cousin: Lizzie Ward (deceased, infant mortality)
Cousin: [1875] Maggie Colley nee Ward (alive, fate worse than death: married)
Cousin: [1876] Rose Willaby nee Ward
Cousin: [1878] Alice Appleton nee Ward
Cousin 1x Removed: [1895] ??? Appleton
Cousin: [1879] Anne Ward
Cousin: [1881] William Ward
Cousin: [1886] Bram Ward
Cousin: Paul Ward (deceased, infant mortality)

3 Paternal Aunts
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=753
Sexuality: undecided
Height: 4'9"
Physical Description: Kitty is small for her age and will probably always be petite. A pretty child, her skin is very fair with a few light scattered freckles on her nose and upper cheeks that nearly disappear in the winter and are beginning to fade as she gets older. Her big blue-violet eyes glitter with mischief and intelligence and she has an enchanting and angelic smile. Her red-gold hair is a riot of long unruly ringlets. As she moves into adolescence, her figure is just beginning to form curves and her face is losing its childlike roundness, showing promise of the beauty that she will one day become.
History: Katherine Ward was the sixteenth child born to her parents and one of only five to live beyond infancy. Her parents were disappointed that she was yet another girl, and even more dissatisfied when her mother didn’t get pregnant again. However, Kitty, as she was called, was a precocious little charmer and it was difficult not to like her. Her winsome smile and big blue-violet eyes were quite disarming, and she was able to cajole herself out of most of the mischief she got into.

Not that there was much time for mischief when there was so much work to do. As soon as she learned to walk, she was given simple tasks that became more complicated as she got older. Her mother made her stop gathering bait when she discovered that Kitty was eating some of it to assuage her constant hunger. Instead she was given clothes and nets to mend. She loved to sew and was quite talented at it.

When she went to school, she took to her lessons like a fish to water, soaking up everything she was taught with boundless enthusiasm. Some of the middle class kids made fun of her worn and patched hand-me-downs, but she tried her best to ignore them. After her father and older brother drowned when she was seven and life became even harder for her family, she became angry. The next time a girl insulted her, Kitty beat her up and the other students became wary of her.

One day when she was walking home to school, she stopped to stare into the window of a bakery, her mouth watering. She smiled at a finely-dressed woman as she walked in and when the woman came out, she handed Kitty a sweet pastry. During her free time, she began hanging out around the shops and charmed wealthy tourists into buying her food and books.

One of them gave her a hairbrush and another offered to purchase her gorgeous fiery curls. He was the first of many. She never told her mother about the offers because she was afraid she would be asked to do it. Kitty began imitating the tourists, trying to walk and talk like them. The girls at school laughed at her for putting on airs, so she beat them black and blue. As this was after her cousin was hanged for murder, she was thrown out of school despite her bright intellect.

Her thirteenth birthday is in the first week of September. Since being expelled, she has worked with her family at household and fishing chores. She dreams of making a life for herself as a seamstress when she gets older. She repairs clothes for other families as well and is earning a good reputation with a needle and thread. Kitty doesn’t want to remain in the fishing community forever. One day, she might actually sell her hair for the chance to better her life. Hair grows back, after all.
Alias: Selene

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