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John Blacke
Cpl John Blacke 133765

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Registered: 06-29-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About John Blacke
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 25
Occupation: Cpl - British Army
Class: Working
Origins: whitby
Relationships: WIlliam Blacke - Father
Lottie Blacke - Mother
Charles Blacke - Brother (Deceased)
Joseph Blacke - Brother
Ruth Blacke - Sister
Kate Blacke - Sister
Plotter: The Hutchie Gazette
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5ft 10inches
Physical Description: John stands at 5ft 10 inches tall with broad shoulders and a well built frame, he is toned due to marching with the army.

His body bears the scars of the army, His back is scared where a bottle was slashed across it in a fight with another regiment. His left arm upper arm and lower calf bear the scars of enemy rifle fire when in India

He also has two swallows tattooed on his hands
History: John was born 1870 and would come to spend half of his childhood running from the local constabulary and getting into fights, creating havoc and bringing trouble to the family home.

His relationship with his brothers were somewhat turbulent, Joseph wanted to make his father proud and would often clash with John because of his ways which got him into trouble while his relationships with his sisters were a lot more peaceful, both would write to John when he was away and john would do his best to reply

like most of the Family John wanted to carve his own path and opted for the British Army, He saw this as an escape and an opportunity to see some of the world.

He ended up training down in South Yorkshire while the 2nd battalion The Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment) which would be home until 1890 when the battalion would transfer to British India serving on military campaigns on the North-West frontier.

After a year of the posting John would be promoted to Lance Corporal and would also be promoted to Corporal just before his injury. He tried to get a trade while on post but his lack of reading and writing means he couldn't be a signaller

John got injured when he was shot twice, once in the arm and another in his lower leg. John was lucky to be missed by the third shot which was millimeters away from his skull.

John would then spend 2 months in a military hospital as he wounds healed enough but would be posted to the 4th battalion to help with recruitment and training. he was told that this would also increase his chance of another promotion but first he would have to learn basic reading and writing to help him gain that promotion, this in turn would see him return to the streets of Whitby once more
Alias: Hutchie

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Birthday: 05-26-1989 (35 years old)
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