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Enid Wolfe
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Registered: 06-16-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Enid Wolfe
Pronouns: She|Her
Age: 20
Occupation: Nurse
Class: Middle Class
Origins: England
Family Tree: Father - Joseph Wolfe - Bishop of London - 54
Mother - Morwenna Wolfe - Deceased
Brother - Emrys Wolfe - Priest - 28
Sister - Wolfe - 18

Sexuality: Demisexual
Height: 5'1"
Physical Description: Enid possesses a deceptively delicate appearance, diminutive in both height and build. She is a gingery blonde, her hair is a shade of pale gold-tinged red. Her pale complexion borders on being translucent with the delicate embroidery of blue veins visible to the naked eye. When touched by frigid temperatures, blue and purple reticulated lace adorns her flesh in varying degrees of intensities, the mottling pattern becoming more distinct in her extremities. In instances of heat, excitement, and the sting of humiliation, red marks her flesh, blooming beneath the liberal spatterings of freckles that adorn her skin.

Whatever timidity her appearance inspires it is robbed by her gaze. Her blue eyes, touched with hints of gray, watch the world around her with unnerving intensity; she does not so much look as she dissects, peeling back layers, searching for meaning in everything she sees.
History: 1875 - Enid is born in Norwich. Her father, Victor Wolfe, was the Archdeacon of Norfolk at the time.

1884 - The Wolfe family moves to Riseholme after Victor Wolfe was elevated to Bishop of Lincoln.

1890 - The family moves once again, this time to London after Bishop Wolfe was consecrated as the Bishop of London.

1892 - Enid enrolls in the Nightingale Home and Training School for Nurses at St. Thomas Hospital.

1893 - Immediately after graduating from nursing school, Enid begins working at Bethlem Royal Hospital.

1894 - Morwenna Wolfe dies.

1895 - Current - Enid moves to Whitby, accompanying her brother, Emrys Wolfe, the newly appointed Vicar of St. Mary’s.

Alias: Thia

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