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Arthur Adams

290 Posts
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Registered: 05-30-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Arthur Adams
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 28
Occupation: "Doctor"
Class: Middle
Origins: Ravenscar
Relationships: Joseph Adams (father, open)
Harriet Adams (mother, deceased)
Amelia Adams (older sister)
Albert Adams (younger brother)
Wilma Adams (sister in law, deceased)
Annabelle Adams (niece)
William Adams (nephew)
Marianne Adams (niece)
Anthony Adams (younger brother, open)

Malachi Brennan (partner in divinity)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5'8"
Physical Description: Arthur has seldom washed brown hair that's always a few weeks past due for a trim, and while he doesn't dress poorly, there is always something a bit tattered about him, be it a stained shirt or mismatched shoes.
History: Arthur Adams was born to a family he did not care for. Luckily for him, they would soon not care much for him either. It seemed the trouble he got into was unavoidable, and it was easier for them to ignore it all then to try and get him out of it; that was a lesson that only took them fifteen years to learn.

Soon after that, Arthur took his newly independent life into his own hands and decided to go into medical school. He was the top of his class, of course, and graduated early even! - just don’t ask him what school he attended. The name seems to change every time.

While pursuing his own education, Arthur’s family uprooted and left for Whitby, but Arthur would follow them soon enough. Not for any reason in particular other than wanting a change of scenery, and missing his family, of course.

Now, he advertises himself as a generous and genius doctor with cures for anything and everything and everyone in need. If it isn’t curable, Arthur will make sure you’re comfortable as can be for the rest of your long life.

Did he mention all his medications and treatments are special, secret family recipes? Better than the stuff other doctors will try to sell you, yes, Arthur’s stuff works!.. As long as you keep coming back for it.
OOC Preferences: most anything and everything is alright, as long as its been discussed first!
Alias: tomato

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