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Alasdair Maclellan
Constabulary Sergeant

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Registered: 05-21-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Alasdair Maclellan
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 38
Occupation: Police Sergeant
Class: Working
Origins: Perth, Scotland
Relationships: Wife: 38 (Open)
Child: daughter 19(Open), whitbys first female constable
Child: son 16 (Open)

Father: Alasdair Snr (deceased, Died in accident while on duty)
Mother: Elaine (Deceased, Died of broken heart)
Plotter: The Hutchie Gazette
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 6ft
Physical Description: Alasdair stands at 6ft tall which is tall for the period, he is broad built. he has light blue eyes that sometimes look grey dependong on the light, he also light brown hair that tends to be kept short

he has a large scar running down the inside of his left arm that was cut open on glass while chasing a suspect.
History: Alasdair was born into a policing family, his father walked the beat in the streets of Perth, and his grandfather was on the beat as well in Dundee. His father was killed on the beat just as Alasdair was joining the service.

Alasdair was born on a cold may morning in a tenement just off Perth High street. His father a police officer and his mother was a seamstress & despite families being large during this period, Alasdair was born an only child due to complications that almost cost him and his mother their lives.

Alasdair grew up playing in the streets but didn't have friends would be considered a loner as he enjoyed his own company more than that of others.

He would grow up with the stories of the police from his father and grandfather, and from a young age this was what he wanted to do.

Alasdair would finally achieve his dream and join the Perth and Kinross Constabulary & recieve his number. The dream would soon be short lived and his father would be killed after. Alasdair Snr had been sent to investigate an incident down at Perth docks which was a break in. As a mark of respect. Alasdair felt it was his duty to carry on the tradition and walk his beat.

Alasdair got married at the age of 19 and went on to have 2 kids.

Alasdair would walk his fathers beat for almost 20 years before deciding it was time to try for promotion. He had a young Family & he wanted away from the large cities. A Sergeants position had been advertised in Whitby and a relative of his wife had saw it and wrote north, he decided at that moment it was time to move and had applied.

Alias: Hutchie

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