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Murphy Maddock

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Registered: 04-13-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Murphy Maddock
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 43
Occupation: Baker
Class: Middle Class
Origins: Cardiff
Relationships: Ellis Maddock (father, deceased)
Morgan Maddock (mother, deceased)
Gwendolyn Maddock (little sister, unknown)
Rita Maddock (wife, deceased)
Thomas Maddock (adopted son, 7)
John Maddock (adopted son, 8)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6'
Physical Description: Murphy is a tall and imposing figure. Unseen is a large tattoo that fills the majority of his chest. It is an anchor being pulled underwater by a water dragon wrapped around it but the words 'Fy nghariad am byth' visible on the anchor. There is clearly newer work having been added to it, of a well made water line about it and in the waves are the words 'Am byth yn cael ei garu a'i golli' just under his collarbone.
History: He was born in Cardiff to a very average family. When he was a young man, he joined the navy and went sailing for several years. During his time in the navy he met his wife, and there had been an accident on board that caused him to have a constant limp.
When he returned home, he'd found that his father had died from a mine explosion and his mother passed not long after. His sister was missing and he'd been unable to locate her.
He purchased a house boat, and they adopted two boys since his wife was unable to have children. Life seemed perfect and he started a business baking and bringing it to larger fishing vessels who would be out for long hours.
A year ago, his wife was hit by a carriage and died and a secret was revealed. He moved away to start a new life in England with their boys, focusing on his baking while he deals with the loss of his wife.

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