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Stanley Merritt
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Registered: 03-23-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Stanley Merritt
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 35
Occupation: Anglican Priest
Class: Middle
Origins: Lemington Spa
Relationships: TBD
Sexuality: Hetero
History: Stanley has middle class origins. His father was a division manager with the local council, his mother a housewife. Having little desire for such a boring existence, at 16 he ran away from home and joined the cavalry as an ordinary trooper. His family were appalled by his choices. All the girls loved a solider on horseback surely?

Eventually, young Stanley was sent to the frontier in the Cape. In the hills of South Africa, he was gravely wounded. Fearing death, he made a silent pact with God to become a priest if he was to survive. Survive he did, but the severity of his injuries ended his military career. Discharged home at a loss, and feeling guilty, he elected follow through with his vow, attending theological college.

His religious education was longer than most to patch the holes in his secular education, and with his family. The latter proved difficult even after his ordination as an Anglican priest. To distance himself from his family, Stanley requested to change dioceses from Canterbury to York. Service as a curate in one of York's more affluent parishes followed. In time, the Bishop, felt Father Merritt ready for the mantle of a larger parish role, and his file noted his touch with the common man. Thus, he was sent to Whitby, a coastal Sodom sorely in need of a shepherd to guide these souls back to righteousness - less the Catholics or the Methodists get to them first.

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Alias: BlackAck

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