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Jane Blacke
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Registered: 03-18-2022

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Additional Info About Jane Blacke
Pronouns: She
Age: 50
Occupation: Nurse
Class: Working
Origins: North Shields
Relationships: Brother: Samuel Blacke
Brother: William Blacke
Brother: Frank Blacke
Sister in Law: Lottie Blacke
Nephews: Joseph Blacke, John Blacke
Nieces: Ruth Blacke , Kate Blacke
Height: 5 feet 7
Physical Description: Jane is blessed with dark brown hair, angular features and a formidable figure.
History: Jane is Bill's older sister. She is well aware of Bill's youthful follies, and criminal past, which led to decades of estrangement between them.

Forgoing a family of her own, she instead chose to pursue a career in nursing in their hometown of North Shields, where she has risen to the rank of senior sister at the Preston hospital.

Recently, she has chosen to mend their relationship, against the explicit instructions of Bill.
OOC Preferences: Just chat to me
Alias: BlackAck

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