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Ruth Meijer
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Registered: 03-04-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Ruth Meijer
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 31
Occupation: Singer/Composer/Singing teacher
Origins: Prague
Relationships: Mrs. Meijer (mother)
Mr. Nimrod Meijer (father)

Penina Humphries (eldest sister)
Chaim Meijer (eldest brother)
Zecharia Meijer (younger brother)
Nesah Meijer (younger sister)
Menachem Meijer (younger brother)
Noah Meijer (younger brother)
Uriel Meijer (youngest brother)

Samuel Humphries (nephew)
Helene Humphries (niece)
Sexuality: Skirts
Height: 5'5''
History: Ruth Meijer lives by a simple principle: the world starts, spins and ends because she says so.

Second born of many, many children, she quickly learnt she was a career woman more than a family one. This influenced her relationship with her siblings to various degrees.

Musically inclined since a very early age, Ruth found a title for herself before she could fully understand what that meant: primadonna. Of course, she would have needed to be a soprano for that, as she learnt later in life, but alas, there were other things she could do with her full, powerful mezzosoprano voice.

Having gone to a German school, she inevitably got closer to the contemporary German composers first and started frequenting all the German musical salons she could find, going as far as Vienna and Munich. Her interest has since widened, but she isn’t well off -yet- to do as she pleases.

Redhead since birth, she quickly learnt that showing the most loud side of her personality was only going to get her so far and that people got intimidated for all sorts of reason, so with age she settled for a quiet, reserved presentation. She likes to think about herself as a mysterious, distant artiste that lets only a few lucky ones in. Of course, this only lasts as long as the wrong buttons are not being pushed.

Lifelong spinster, every time someone has asked her about that, she has given vague answers like “the right man was already dead at my birth”, “I don’t like strangers in my house” or “My compositions are my children, I could never give them a stepfather”. As soon as she could, she moved out of the parental home to share a house with a friend. Just gals being pals.

The roommate didn’t last long, but Ruth never came back home.

These days Ruth lives off a series of different musical related activities: she sings when and where she can, she writes -mainly ghost writes- music for different theatres, she gives music lessons to the daughters of the bourgeoisie and tries to work on her own thing in the meantime, but recently she packed her bags and left for Whitby. No one know why, exactly, but sure enough, her siblings are about to have a very nice surprise…

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