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Loretta Ward
The Diamond Pony

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Registered: 01-23-2022

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Loretta Ward
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 19 (February 25th, 1876)
Occupation: Courtesan
Class: Working
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Father: Paul Ward (deceased, drowned 1889)
Mother: Mary Ward nee ???
Eldest Brother: Luke Ward, 24
Brother: Matthew Ward (deceased - drowned 1889)
Sibling: ___ Ward (living) aged 19 (Lory's twin)
Sister: ___ Ward (living), aged 13
15 other siblings, 2 surviving - all but 2/12 died before their first year, and the rest in childhood. Lory is one of two surviving twins, the 14thborn of 16.

Uncle: [1844] Benjamin Ward
Aunt: Hanna Ward nee Hawksfield (deceased)
Cousin: Tom Ward (deceased, drowned)
Cousin: Simon Ward (deceased, hanged for murder)
Cousin: Lizzie Ward (deceased, infant mortality)
Cousin: [1875] Maggie Colley nee Ward (alive, fate worse than death: married)
Cousin: [1876] Rose Willaby nee Ward
Cousin: [1878] Alice Appleton nee Ward
Cousin 1x Removed: [1895] ??? Appleton
Cousin: [1879] Anne Ward
Cousin: [1881] William Ward
Cousin: [1886] Bram Ward
Cousin: Paul Ward (deceased, infant mortality)

3 Paternal Aunts
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5'0"
Physical Description: By far, the most immediately striking thing about this young woman is her vibrant, thick red hair. She has jewelry. She paints her face. Not even the rings on her fingers are as bright as her hair.
History: Her mother was not certain she would make it through the blizzard in January, let alone her and the unborn child both. Yet in March 1876, Lory was yet another disappointment in a line desperate for boys.

Her mother struggled with that wish, for the seas weren’t kind to their men. Lory was twelve when her father and a brother were swept away. There were Luke and Matthew left to carry on their legacy. Loretta and her sisters never seemed to factor into that legacy.

School was boring, but she learned quickly. Moreso: she learned how to study people who weren’t fishing families. How to put on accents. How to talk about things that didn’t involve yelling about fish, God, or how much anyone drank. Later (to the school’s regret), they would briefly hire Lory as a teacher. A rambunctious class she ran.

Lory was … boyish. Ignored brushing her hair, preferred cleaning the nets to knitting the sweaters. Early on, it was her and her mother set to fishwife tasks of cajoling locals and tourists alike into buying their catches and cuts. Her words and manners were rough. Some of the boys and men were inclined to that – especially those with the money to leave. She preferred chatting with the wives and the daughters, though. Especially the daughters.

In 1889, Lory was one of many in their neighborhood struck by influenza. Though she was not effected as strongly as her aunt had been … Lory woke up the night after Aunt Hannah’s funeral to her family having hushed discussions as to how to afford Lory’s next, should the worst come to strike. It led to talks of what-ifs. Where to send her sisters. Whether Lory down the line, assuming she lived, was better as a mother of more fishermen or stuck in some middle class man’s pantries.

Middle class men didn’t marry their maids. Fishwife it was.

Men paid attention to Lory, certainly. Just not the kind of attention her God-fearing family hoped for. No. She got gifts – gifts that she stealthily sold, lest her family get suspicious. She stashed away money. Learned to flirt with the men in ways she wouldn’t dare speak to someone she actually fancied.

Watching the trajectory of her cousin, Maggie, was … mortifying. She married when Lory was 14. She’s popped out nearly three kids over the course of five years. Then there was Alice. God, Alice! She didn’t even seem to want to marry, and there she was disappearing with a man twice her age. Now Rose is married, too … and it isn’t for lack of attention that Lory did not.

No. Some time after Maggie's marriage, a man had asked her if she was one of the Diamond Pony’s girls. That was all it took for her to ask, “what is that?”. It took time for her to take the leap. After another fraught conversation with her brother talking down to her, Lory gathered up her stashed savings and told her mother she was going to work as a maid for a household in York.

It’s hard to pretend you live in York when you live down the street. The lie lasted long enough for her to get her foot in the Diamond Pony, and she has lived there for the most part since. Occasionally, her work has her shacked up with this gentleman or that, but it never lasts.
OOC Preferences: Posting pace open.

Sex scenes involving her clients are always fade-to-black, unless said client is just paying her to be humiliated by her.

If Loretta is not a central character to the thread, feel free to pass her over.

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