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Roderick Carrington
Blood-Shy Future Surgeon

28 Posts
2 Threads
Registered: 07-27-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Roderick Carrington
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Class: Gentry
Origins: Whitby
Family Tree: Father: Magus Carrington III
Mother: Anne Carrington
Eldest Brother: Magus Carrington IV
Older Brother: Darius Carrington
Eldest Sister: Alice Carrington
Older Brother: Thomas Carrington
Older Sister: Olivia Carrington
Triplet Brother: Roger Carrington
Triplet Brother: Robert Carrington
Youngest Sister: Pearl Carrington
Sexuality: Bisexual
OOC Preferences: Posting Preferences: Open.

Group Threads:
In general, it can be assumed he is eagerly trying to escape a conversation or altercation.
I will generally consent to non-permanent effects in my absence if an announced dice roll is done in #random-generator-channel.
I will almost certainly roll with being skipped over, but if in doubt I'm usually pretty quick to respond to @s in Discord.

Post rate is casual (month? cool. year? thread is probably still relevant.) I will contact you if something needs resolution in order for him to move on in other plots.

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