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Ruth Longbottom

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Registered: 12-29-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Ruth Longbottom
Age: 18
Occupation: Courtesan
Class: Working class
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Father: Harry Longbottom
Mother: Anita Longbottom

Siblings: Probably more than she's aware of.

Children: Sam (2), Lucy (1)
History: [CW: reference to alcoholism, child neglect, underage sex/statutory rape, and blackmail]

Ruth belongs to the infamous Longbottom family. During most of her childhood, her mother was either drunk or hungover. Her father drank frequently, and occasionally abandoned the family for a while and then returned. He ran a rather unsuccessful repair shop. From an early age, Ruth was encouraged to bring in extra money through small jobs, begging, or pickpocketing.

Despite the hardships, she did reasonably well in school, but she had a terrible attendance record and didn't have many friends. She was a fierce fighter, however, both verbally and physically, and managed to scare bullies off.

Ruth was eager to leave home and find a better life for herself. She tried getting hired as a maid a few times, but her surname and her own poor manners and impulsivity meant that she was usually rejected, and that when she did get hired, she was fired within days. In one situation, she would have ended up in a reformatory for theft, had her ex-mistress decided to press charges.

Finding it too hard to keep a job, she altered her game. At sixteen, she slept a man from Grosmont and once she was pregnant, she blackmailed him into letting her move in by claiming that she had been fifteen at the time.

Though she was now away from her family, it was not a happy relationship. The fact that they both sought comfort in drink didn't help. It became worse when her 'husband' found out that their second child wasn't his.

He left to work at the Teeside several months ago, but the promised wages were never sent on. Nor has Ruth received any other communication from him since. Her own letters and telegrams have gone unanswered, except for a recent telegram stating that she must have the wrong address, as nobody by her husband's name lives there. Now she and her children have been evicted from their cottage for being behind on rent.
OOC Preferences: No limits in language. For violence, please discuss any maiming, torture, death, or harm to a child with me first. For sexual content, no rape (see rules as well!). I generally suck at NSFW threads.

Unless otherwise discussed, I will consider a thread dead/finished and move on if I haven’t had a reply in a month (a oneliner is A-ok. I just hate my plots stagnating and my character trapped in time). I’ll probably nudge you a week before or so, in case it fell off your radar.

If we are in a group thread, I would like everyone to have a chance to reply in turn. However, if I bombed your thread, don't wait for me if I'm not responding fast enough.

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