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Penelope Wells
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Registered: 11-21-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Penelope Wells
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 26
Occupation: Secretary
Class: Middle Class
Relationships: Parents:

Nicholas Wells (b. 1835, deceased) – Father

Lizzie Wells née Smith (b. 1841) – Mother


Silas Wells (b. 1857) – Brother – Took over his father’s shipping business.

Jessica Wells ( b. 1861) – Sister

Tristan Wells (b. 1864) – Brother – Doctor and Alienist, living in Whitby.

Frances Wells (b. 1866, deceased) – Sister – Died of a bad case of measles in 1874.
Sexuality: Wouldn't YOU like to know?
Height: 5'6"
Physical Description: She is pretty in a quiet way, somewhat mousy in manner. She has dusky skin and dark, inquisitive eyes.
History: She was born too smart for her own good. Penelope, otherwise known as "Nell," has had to struggle her way through societal bounds, her skin providing a rather frustrating obstacle in most cases when it came to her career. Added to that, she was a woman, and women were more limited. But Nell was not about to fit into the mold. She had too much to learn and too much to do in her lifetime.

Her primary schooling was spent close to home, though it was not for her lack of wanting to spread her wings a bit more. After all, her brothers in particular did not understand her at all. She wondered if Tristan even knew just how smart she was...

She spent the rest of her schooling in Cheltenham Ladies College, and then on to the University of London, learning geology in hopes of one day curating her own collection of fossils. However, there wasn't much of a place for her in this field of career, for who wanted to take the word of a young woman?

The feeling of butting her head against the ceiling with the way things progressed with her brother's business, she felt that it was time to make a temporary change and, perhaps, visit Tristan in Whitby.

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